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    PCs under Network Folder are not accessable

    Windows 8.1 PC, For some reason if I click on any pc or device in the network folder in file explorer it comes back with <xxxx> is not accessable. I can access folders on these same inaccessible pcs from the homegroup folder in the same file explorer, just not the network folder in file...
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    Devices and Printers Menu takes forever to load

    For some reason the green bar goes all the way across the top of the screen before the devices and printers menu will load. In then loads without an issue after waiting for almost two full minutes. This is a core I7 Win 8.1 PC with 16GB of ram and an SSD so it screams otherwise. I do have a...
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    8.1 RTM, skydrive, and file versions

    anyone been able to get file versions to work with skydrive? I've read that if your skydrive offline files are pointing inside a library that the file versions will be captured. With 8.1 RTM it appears to me that the offline file versions are by default included in the documents library but I...
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    Updating Retail Windows 8 with 8.1 RTM

    I have a machine that has an activated retail windows 8 that came from the upgrade offer. I just downloaded the 8.1 RTM from technet and burned the ISO install media to a DVD. Will it work to upgrade the retail windows 8 with the RTM DVD by simply doing a setup.exe from within windows 8...