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    Music Not Adding to Desktop?

    Music Not Adding to my Desktop? I am trying out Xbox Music and a Lumia 920. I am downloading songs from Xbox Music and creating playlists, but it never shows up Windows 8 desktop. When I add songs and playlists on my desktop, they show up on the Lumia 920. Any ideas on what is happening?
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    Replacing the SSD?

    I am looking at getting either a Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T or the Asus VivoTab (not the RT) but I am wondering, is it possible to upgrade the SSD? My thought is that these may be running just normal SSDs and non chips soldered onto the board.
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    Solved Upgrading a HDD

    I bought an Asus VivoBook X202E which comes with a 500 gig HDD. I have thought a 1 TB drive laying around that I want to put into this. However, the notebook doesn't come with a install disc, or even a CD key for Windows, or I am just not seeing the CD key. Does anyone how you are able to...
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    Solved OEM Product Key Not Working?

    I am trying to install Windows 8 Professional 64-bit (Full Version) - OEM that I picked up from NewEgg but I am hafing an issue. It will not take the CD key during the installation that came with it. It keeps saying that it is invalid. I am certain it is being typed 100% correctly. Am I missing...