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  1. baarod

    Cannot stand the crackling

    Folks, as you know I am always a staunch proponent of new Microsoft technologies, all the way back to Windows 3.1, but I have never had an issue with a near production OS from them as bad as this. I have a four core with 16GB and cannot get Zune to play w/o popping and making me crazy. I know...
  2. baarod

    Vistart updated March 4th for Windows 8 Compatibility

    This is the nifty little program that adds your start menu back.
  3. baarod

    The start menu is back in consumer preview -- sort of

    Start menu is back!!!! Kinda C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Window s\WinX contains groups of shortcuts that will do just fine for me! Just slam your mouse pointer into the bottom left corner and RIGHT click!!!
  4. baarod

    Windows 8 Tablet UI

    I've been piecing together information from various sources regarding the newly demoed Windows 8 Tablet UI and I'm getting the distinct impression that it's very similar and perhaps derived from the Media Center UI. Remember that the Zune UI is purported to be the basis for Windows Phone 7 UI...
  5. baarod

    20 New Features in Build 7850

    Maybe not all "features" but certainly changed from 7SP1: 1) Shows "glowing" Windows logo on 1024x600 netbooks instead of the annoying Vista style green progress bar. 2) Imagex /apply install still working. Only a single image in the WIM -- Enterprise... 3) Does not ask for an owner name...