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    can i install two anti virus in one pc for testing av ?

    hi i have already installed kaspersky internet security latest version but my Friend gave me eset smart security so i want to check it in my pc without removing kaspersky. because i may not have internet connection all the time and i have updated kaspersky today after the long time waiting. now...
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    Problem,removal disc shown when no drive conected

    I have clean installed windows 8. when i explore computer to see the drive them in removable drive section, along with dvd drive there is removable drive too but it have not connected any drive like pen or flash drive. so how to remove it. help please
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    metro apps are not working....please need help

    i have recently installed windows 8 and added my email Hotmail id too and synchronised my id and pc both. but when i click on any of the metro apps it enlarges for few seconds and again the start screen comes . it happens for all metro apps. when i put the mouse pointer to left corner then it is...
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    Solved difference between windows 8 pro and windows 8 pro vl & N

    one Google I found the windows 8 different version like pro, pro vl and pro N which are very strange to me. so I want to know that whether they exists or not .if yes they exists can u explain which one is best and their features
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    this makes windows 8 quite difficult to use,,,,any help???

    why some of the netframe is missing in windows 8 like net frame 3.0 etc. shortcoming of win 8in 8 had included? I think it is. what if w is there any method to fix it? like ,,,,download offline??
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    Please help... What drivers to install or not? Help

    I have installed windows 8 in my pc on my dell laptop. So i have to install the drivers.for that i opened the device manager and i found only few exclamation sign. I installed the exclamated driver and now there are on exclamation sign. So my question is . . . is my installing of driver is...
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    Solved windows media center not working in enterprise...help

    I have recently installed windows 8 enterprise . initially I have installed windows pro . what advantage I lack in enterprise than that of windows pro? and when I clicked in the computer then I saw windows media center in '' network location'' which I didn't see in windows 8 pro. so I is being...
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    Is old antivirus dvd outdated?

    I have kaspersky int security 2012 but not used till now. I installed it and activated for one year. But i knew that kaspersky 2013 is available now.so my question is , is that my antivirus outdated or does it works fine if i update it virus defination via net? So please suggest me . Thank you
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    what is the real meaning of the ' refreshing pc ''?

    when I refreshed the pc without affecting the files option from the setting tab and inserted the disc .later I found that only those applications which were installed were removed and the files were unchanged. were those applications creating the problems and they were removed?if yes then what...
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    what is windows.old folder in c drive?

    hi friends ,,,,my pc was running slow so I refreshed the pc by using settings and general tab option. it asked to insert the disc and I inserted too and it performed few repairs and the pc was re started, then I found that all installed applications were gone . so how to get back my older state...
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    which is the best avast anti virus paid version?

    i am planning to purchase an avast anti virus so please suggest me which is the best avast version? avast premier or avast anti virus or avast 7 etc...... regards all friends
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    need quick help on install antivirus in safe mode

    i have some error while installing antivirus BIT DEFENDER in normal mode so i am trying to use safe mode but i am scared that what will be on that case will any features be missed out when we install in safe mode rather than normal mode? ANY DEMERITS PLZ MENTION
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    Problem with auto hibernation in windows 8.

    My pc has sleep time 2 hour in charge plug or unplug mode. When i fowloce big files and leave pc inactive and do other work .but when i return i find pc hibernated before 2 hour. Means my pc hibernates before sleep time comes. So i am troubled by this cause i have to download big files again and...
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    where is downloaded offline update exe setup?

    as i read some post here and got the knowledge that we can update win 8 off line too which was good news for me when i dont have internet connection. i downloaded the update in and command ran and said update is downloaded but where is that update setup exe file i couldn't find the file...
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    serious ,programme ununstalled but still exists n working.

    dont know it is right section or not? i have uninstalled kaspersky int security 2013 by using latest third party unistaller with super mode even with the registry clean up but the icon still exists and when i clicked it then it is still working . i restarted the pc too and searched into other...
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    scripted virus cant be deleted?how to remove

    hello, when i connected my memory card to laptop then the folder with some strange name appeared and when i tried to open then it said that extension is wrong, when i tried to delete it then no response is found and folder remains as it is. i tried to scan the card by latest KIS antivirus...