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    Activation problems with 8.1 upgrade

    I have been running WIN 10 PRO, that was installed through the upgrade path[win 7>win 8.0 PRO upgrade etc]. I have just replaced my hard disk, due to failure, and successfully reinstalled Win 7. Win 8 PRO installs and runs up to finding devices. At this stage the computer freezes and i have to...
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    Whenever I enter a certain address into my browser, the address instantaneously changes to "Adf.***" and goes to this site. How can I prevent this? Help appreciated.
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    Solved Hard drive activity

    The hard drive light on my laptop is showing continuous activity and is not going out,even if the computer is left idle. How can I find out what is happening?
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    Solved Video wont play

    I have a collection of Digital Photographer tutorials on DVDs from about 2006. They used to play fine on Windows 7 but on Windows 8 although the DVDs load they will not play the enclosed video content. A label saying a plug-in is not loaded is displayed. What plug-in is required and where can...
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    Solved Upgrade

    Hi Is it allowed to upgrade to Win 8 pro 64 bit from Win 7 32 bit?
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    Solved activation

    Hi I have been running Windows 8, with media pack, in 32 bit mode for the last two months without problems. I have now done a clean install with formatted drive of windows 8 in 64 bit mode. All went well and activation was a success. However the USB network adapter is giving serious problems...
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    X box controller

    Hi I have a wireless X box controller with the PC adaptor. I have downloaded the latest drivers from the MS store and in device driver it says that it is working properly, but it doesn't work. I have tried it on two PCs, both with Win 8 installed. Has anyone got it working on their machine...
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    cost of Win 8 upgrade

    Just looked on the MS site. The cost of an upgrade has now increased to:- Windows 8 now costs £99.99 Windows 8 Pro now costs £189.99 Glad I bought mine earlier.
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    Solved new motherboard

    Hi my motherboard has expired. I am in the process of changing it and adding extra memory. I will probably keep the same CPU. Should I prepare the OS for the new setup using "sysprep" before removing the old motherboard(I can still boot from it), or should I just change the components and take...