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    SSD hangs at boot; sometimes crashes

    I bought a pretty cheap Kingston 30GB SSD (part number SNV125-S2) off eBay; the seller guaranteed that it wouldn't be DOA, which it wasn't. I was able to install Windows 8 fine, but I'm currently running into a pretty annoying issue with hang-ups during the boot sequence. It's a little odd...
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    Hard-drive at 100% with no activity

    Hello, I recently discovered that one of my drives has been at 100% activity with no data being read or written. This particular drive is used for virtual instruments and samples for music. I've never had issues before, but I found it odd that loading projects took an insane amount of time to...
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    Solved Can't uninstall apps from Metro

    I'm attempting to uninstall apps downloaded from the Windows Store, but they keep coming back. Windows Store reports updates for the apps, but attempting to update them results in an "This app couldn't be installed" error. I'm guessing the apps were uninstalled properly, so now I cannot install...
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    Metro glitch?

    So I powered on the computer today and was met with this: The desktop is fine but the Charm Bar and Metro UI is totally bonkers. Any other reports of a similar issue?
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    Organizing Windows 8

    Hello, Right, so I've always had issues with organization in the past, but I'd like to start fresh with Windows 8. Here's my current setup: In order to minimize clutter I'm using Launchy as my main way of getting to my programs and games. I'm trying to avoid redundancy, so I'm not sure what...