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    Java silent automatic updates

    Java (and Adobe Reader/Flash) silent automatic updates Hi. As far as I know and have googled on the Internet Java requires user input to complete the update/installation, but does anyone know if this actually can be bypassed? I have a computer for the public audience, not in a domain that...
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    Locking down the computer for public use in a library

    Hi. I am setting up a computer for use in a public library. The OS is Win 8.1 Enterprise. Also the computer auto login with a user named "Kiosk". And I use local group policy to lock it down. The computer is only allowed to run Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Calculator and Internet Explorer. I have...
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    Kiosk mode and multiple programs installed

    Hi. I was thinking about using Win 8.1s kiosk mode, but so far I have read I can only use it on one program as default. Can I still use it if I have multiple programs like IE, Word and so on installed. Just having the icons on the desktop and lock the desktop down.