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    Samsung phn no longer showing in my comp, deactivates win?

    Are you using the same key for both computers or different ones?
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    Windows 8 Backup for image backups

    Where it's always been in Control Panel
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    Win 8 pro upgrade wont install?

    I did a clean install over a Win 8 installation which I did from Win 7 and it wiped the whole disk clean installed Windows 8 AND activated it without me doing a thing. Great to know. I have promised my self this time though with Win 8 that I am going to schedule images each week to avoid having...
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    Windows 8 Backup for image backups

    I have 2 500G disks and use Macrium Reflect Free edition to image the complete disks each week. This takes about 45min max. Works great and I have tested it by doing a recovery of the main disk from the boot disk you can create for it. You can mount these images and copy single files directly...
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    Windows 8 — Disappointing Usability for Both Novice and Po

    Hi Guys Everything is subjective when it comes to user experience. I have been using Windows since the 3.0 days and Find Win 8 quite refreshing. I also use a Samsung Tablet with Android and I can see where MS is going and I think it is good. I will never go back to Win 7 or Win XP which used to...
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    Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade

    When I bought my Windows 8 Pro Upgrade from a store I was not asked for my qualifying OS key so I suspect this is a flaw in the system which someone clever just found out because there is no instructions from MS of this nature. THe very nature of the way this is done is the give away. else it...
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    Win 8 pro upgrade wont install?

    You cannot do a 'clean' install of a Win 8 upgrade...you need to have a legal activated qualifying Windows OS installed first. Because you run the install from the qualifying INSTALLED Windows OS...just like you would install any normal app. You cannot boot with the Win 8 disk...I am assuming...
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    Solved Permissions - SOS!!!

    I also had a major few problems and actually re installed Win7 I also did all the old usual things you do to Win7, like Firewall off, Defender off, etc etc...a total disater! but then I had another go and did a re upgrade install and all works fine. One of the things you seem to have to do is...
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    Latest NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Drivers for Windows 8

    Hi Dave44, This driver states that it does not support the geforce GT 610. Do you still think I should use it? I did see this but it is not for my device.
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    Latest NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Drivers for Windows 8

    Hi All Not a knower of graphics but seek help...and apologies if covered elsewhere. I am quite new here so be gentle :) I have Windows 8, with SyncMaster S23B370 LED Monitor and nvidia geforce GT610 card with latest released driver 306.97. I get a black screen up to the pre login screen and the...
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    Solved bootmgr missing

    Sorry I did not see you got sorted. Enjoy Windows 8, I think it is great, even with the Metro Start.
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    Solved bootmgr missing

    The only thing I can think of from this angle is that your BIOS is not reading the correct disk at boot. A new installation should write the MBR automatically unless you have specified some other config yourself. You can check this easy if you have a bootable gParted disk and look at the file...
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    Solved bootmgr missing

    bcdedit is in the c:\Windows\System32 directory so X drive probably has paths set to find it...so you are right when you say it does not work from C:\ ...so X:\Sources would be the best bet, else change directory to C:\Windows\System32
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    Solved bootmgr missing

    Hi Steve you do it under X:\Sources...although I think it should works in either because X is just a virtual drive...
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    Solved bootmgr missing

    Try this, it works for me...Boot your Windows DVD and enter command line...by choosing repair options, then do these commands in order: bcdedit bootrec /fixmbr bootrec /fixboot bootrec /rebuildbcd Hope it works for you.
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    Clear "Your Apps" list in Store

    Thank you for this great set of tutorials on the app store. I have one which puzzles me. Forgive me if this is already posted elsewhere but I am new and have not browsed a lot yet. If you try out a lot of apps from the store and uninstall them you end up with a long list of apps which it says...
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    How to revert back to Windows 7

    I also did the Windows7 image recover procedure and all is working fine. The Windows 7 key belongs to you forever and you never loose it. If you need to install Windows 7 from scratch you will need to use it again to activate Windows 7. IF you bought a WIndows 8 upgrade you will always have to...