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    Decrapifier, is this the bloatware remover for win8?

    After resetting my win8 I would like to ask for some advice on removing bloatware and getting my system to run as smooth as silk. I have been looking around and have heard of decrapifier but not sure if this is ok to use?? If there are any tuts you know of that i can follow to get my win8...
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    Solved locked out and require help with clean install

    I have locked myself out and cannot even get into msconfig because a box keeps popping up saying "cannot access specified path, file or folder etc" I read someone saying i need to do a clean install, but i cant reset my pc. It just says there was a problem and it cancels. What can i do?
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    Suddenly lost admin privileges and now unable to change

    Hi all I hope somebody can perhaps rescue me, I have had win8 for approx 1 year and just upgraded to win8.1 last week. I installed bitdefender total security at the same time and everything was fine for a few days until one morning I woke up my Laptop to find I couldnt open a software...
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    which update????

    Hi all i had a dell center alert on my new laptop and im required to update critical updates, but which ones do i download?? it says the ones appropriate for me but im clueless!!