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  1. SebasSmits

    Solved Built-into-windows Onedrive won't work

    Hi Everyone, My friend has an Asus laptop and he had some problems with his keyboard. So he sent it to Asus for repairs and what he got back was a perfectly fine laptop with an erased disk drive. So he had Windows 8.1 re-installed but one of the things he noticed was that his One drive...
  2. SebasSmits

    Solved Random BSOD: Kernel Security Check Failure

    Hi everyone, Since today my friend is being hit with some BSOD's containing the text: "Kernel Security Check Failure" We have no idea where this all came from, my friend did not download some sketchy, unstable, downloads or something. We did some research and it apparently is an issue with...
  3. SebasSmits

    Solved Asus n550lf system failure, Nothing appears on the screen

    Hi everyone, My friend has a new asus laptop and while he was updating his new GeForce driver the laptop just blacked out. The screen was on, but only showing black pixels. We tried a monitor but that did the same thing and the problem did not solve itself after hard resetting the system. Im...
  4. SebasSmits

    Solved Windows 8.1 desktop watermark SecureBoot

    Hi everyone, Past Friday windows 8.1 ran some updates and I think it's since then the watermark with SecureBoot disappeared from my desktop. I tried to remove this watermark before with my friend; My2cents. But we couldn't remove it because I had not eufi boot control panel. He told me he...
  5. SebasSmits

    Solved EightForums Account Picture

    Hi everyone, Just had a small question, how do you add a picture to your account in EightForums?
  6. SebasSmits

    What is the best way to Back-Up?

    Hi everyone, So i was backing up last morning and i Always make a backup on an external drive via windows 7 file recovery program. So i got thinking is this the best way to backup my pc and does it backup everything. I allways thought that it would backup my entire system so if my laptop...
  7. SebasSmits

    Internet connection failure

    Hi everyone, I got a problem, again. A few weeks ago the win8.1 update preview came out and i wanted to have it. Unfortunatly it said that my version was not good and it couldnt instal it. Which is strainge because a friend of my had the exact same version and could instal windows 8.1. After a...
  8. SebasSmits

    Wifi randomly disconnects me from network :(

    Hello Everyone, I got a small problem I wanted to share.. Sometimes when I am working on my laptop doing whatever it just disconnects me out of the blue. It shows this stupid icon and says that there are no connections possible: At first, I did not know what to do so I just began doing...
  9. SebasSmits

    Tripple Monitors

    Hi everyone, I have a laptop with one VGA port but I wanted to connect it to two extra monitors so that I could create a triple monitor system. I bought a VGA splitter to be able to connect all monitors but what I discovered is that it still recognizes it as a second monitor. I have the screen...
  10. SebasSmits

    Solved Windows 8.1 aka blue update faillure

    Hi everyone, I tried to update the latest windows 8.1. I got the installation package but when it started saying looking for updates on this computer it said that it was not applicatable on this computer.. How can I install it?
  11. SebasSmits

    Random brightness change problem

    Dear readers, i have a smal probleem with My new Acer tablet. The brightness of the screen randomly changes. i did some googling and i learned the tablet is able to auto adjust the beightness. I found a sensor on My tablet and did some testing by shining on it with a pocket torch and saw with...
  12. SebasSmits

    Windows BIOS Icon

    Hello Readers, I have a question about the looks of my BIOS startup screen. I have a relatively new ASUS laptop and i instaled windows 8 on it as soon as possible because ASUS had a free upgrade action. Everything went well but what i noticed is that when i boot up and the BIOS runs i get in...
  13. SebasSmits

    How to run windows 8 from external hard drive?

    Hello everyone, A few months ago my laptop broke and it needed repairs. The HDD was replaced and i got my laptop back with one new HDD inside and one "broke" HDD in a bag. Later the "Repaired" Laptop crashed again so i bought a new one and took the HDD out of the old laptop. I bought a HDD case...
  14. SebasSmits

    How do i make shortcuts appear in windows explorer sidebar

    Hello everyone, First of all, Im new on 8forums so dont be mad if i posted this message on the wrong spot. Second of all I wanted to ask if someone knows how to make shortcuts appear in the sidebar of your windows explorer. I have a shortcut of the online backup program Skydrive but it wont...