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  1. Arpan

    Is there a way to tell YouTube not to preload too much?

    Hello, I got a new 4G connection. But I don't have an unlimited data usage plan. Since it is 4G, the internet speed is extremely fast. As a result, while I watch YouTube videos, YouTube buffers the whole video in seconds. This means, if I click on a video of 10 minutes length, and after...
  2. Arpan

    Solved According to outlook.com, (almost) everything is JUNK!

    Well, that has been the case with me. When I switched from Gmail to outlook.com, I absolutely loved everything that I saw. I still use Outlook.com as my primary account. I still feel it is much superior to Gmail or any other email service. The only thing that I find irritating is that...
  3. Arpan

    Sorry folks, wasn't visiting the forums

    Dear friends, For the last 8-9 months, I think, I wasn't visiting the forums at all. Today, I just logged in to the forums, just out of curiosity. Its only now that I noticed that Brink and A Guy had wished me Birthday back in October 2013! I'm sorry guys, it must have looked rude of me not to...
  4. Arpan

    Windows 8 is the new XP

    Source: ZDnet
  5. Arpan

    Google, Samsung to sell Chrome laptop for $249

  6. Arpan

    Windows 8 apps: The good, the bad, and the ugly

  7. Arpan

    Outlook.com VS The rest

    Hello to all my forum friends and other members :D Well, I signed up for an outlook.com account yesterday, in fact my first ever Microsoft account in my life, LOL!! I have used Gmail, Yahoo! mail and now outlook. Compared to the other mail providers, outlook is just an eye-candy. It was a...
  8. Arpan

    Office 2013 Customer Preview: License Duration?

    Just wondering, what is the evaluation period for Office 2013 Customer Preview? Thanks in advance :D
  9. Arpan

    My logic behind Microsoft's controversial decision: Removal of Start

    Hello Guys, There has been serious, heated debates and disappoint among users over Microsoft's controversial decision to remove the start button. But I though find some logics behind this, here they are: 1) Start button has been replaced by Start Screen, as simple as that, whether you like...
  10. Arpan

    Solved How long is License for Release Preview?

    Hello friends, I was just wondering, how long can we use the release preview? I mean microsoft wont allow users to use the release preview for lifetime!! Will they? ;) And after the stable windows 8 is released in somewhere around october this year, as is rumoured, will release preview...
  11. Arpan

    Solved New Windows 8 Boot Menu Not Working!!

    I installed the windows 8 release preview a few days ago in a virtual hard disk. Then after using it for few days, I installed another version of the same windows 7 (my actual primary os) on another vhd file for testing. Which means now I have one windows 8 and two windows 7 (one primary...