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    Fixing File Associations?

    Is there a place online that I can view a list of file associations so that I can correct
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    Where do I start?

    with trying to fix my laptop, I am having problems mainly with drivers. I think. Is there any program that I can use that will fix windows, I am using Windows 8.1 64bit. I think I had to put all that information when I joined. I really don't have the money for an expensive program. Just suffered...
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    Having problems with drivers?

    I am trying to connect a pair of headphones that I had connected before. It says that the headphones are paired. I am not seeing where it said Driver Error as it did before. But I am not getting any sound in my headphones. I put this here because before it was saying Driver Error. How come I...
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    Having what I would say are device driver problems?

    Well, I try to connect a device via Bluetooth and I keep getting in the Bluetooth Device area under the device: Driver Error. Then also my antivirus which is Bitdefender has the autopilot, which keeps disabling. Oh, and I tried to revert System Restore and that won't work. Is there someone who...