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    HP Office Jet V40 Printing partial pages, OS Win8 64Bit

    Hello. I am using an HP Office Jet V40 Printer on my Laptop which runs Windows 8. Ive recently bought new ink for it and aligned the ink (and by recent i mean last night). I test the ink cartridges and the printer prints the pages fine. Full pages. However when i go to print some homework I...
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    My printer won't print on my Win8 Laptop but on my Win7

    Hello. I have an HP OfficeJet All-In-One V40 Printer, and I'm not sure why but I will print out pages perfectly on my Windows 7 Laptop, but not on my Windows 8 64bit Laptop. It either prints out part of the page or none of it and the printer ends up in an error state. Can someone help me fix...
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    Screen/GFX card is dead?

    Uhm so i dont know how to explain this but basically my screens kinda broken. 2 flies kept passing around me and I tried swatting it away with my hand, and when I did that my earphonescaught me hand and one of the buds hit my screen and this happened.. I took a picture of it to see what it looks...
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    Able to change Apps to Programs? And some help please?

    Yo, EightForums! I'm Cyanide. I was a member on Windows 7 Forum for quite sometime, until my laptop broke and I needed to get a new laptop. So now I have the new laptop with Windows 8. Is there any way you can change the apps on the start menu to be programs so I can view them as windows on my...