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  1. jpolacko

    Solved Bug Check ( Code 1001)

    Well this is strange. I managed to get my first bug check. This morning I was watching a video and my system seemed to just freeze up. I forced shut it down and then checked my event viewer I seem to be getting alot of ID 41 (Kernel-Power). I was wondering if anyone could tell me what my bug...
  2. jpolacko

    Optional Window Update

    I had a weird optional update appear today unsure what it's for and I haven't seen it before! Any idea's what it may be and what for?
  3. jpolacko

    Solved Windows freezes when shutting down

    Hey everyone. I have a new issue with Windows maybe someone has ran into before.. There is a issue where where when I shut down or put to sleep I get a black screen and won't shut down almost like its freezing up. I get HDD activity and all by quick buttons like WIFI and Volume mute button will...
  4. jpolacko

    Solved New HDD Windows is acting slow and freezes

    Hey everyone I just installed a new 1TB Samsung (Seagate) hard drive and I did a factory reset of Windows 8.1. Now for some reason it seems to be running sluggish and freeze's when I try to restart the computer (Just sits at restarting with the dots going around in a circle). As far as system...
  5. jpolacko

    Computer certification

    Hey everyone. Well I think it's time to redo my computer certification's been 2005 since the last time I took my cert test's. I just bought the CompTIA A+ Book to study and when I'm ready to take the test I'll buy a test ticket and retake the test to refresh my knowledge on computer repair. Has...
  6. jpolacko

    Solved SFC /Scannow Unable to fix error.

    Hey guy's I've been having alittle bit of issues but nothing major or no BSOD's but I did my monthly tune up virus scan etc etc and i also decided to run SFC /Scannow command to see what would turn up well i have a error that couldn't be fixed and i already ran DISM Command and sill the same issue.
  7. jpolacko

    Solved Validity Sensor not working.

    Hey everyone hope everyone is ready for winter! :o So here's the deal. I upgraded my HP Pavilion DV6 to Windows 8.1 (OEM) from Windows 7 Home Premium and having some issues with my Validity Sensor not working or showing up on "Other Sign in options" but it shows up in the device manager. I have...
  8. jpolacko

    Possible HDD Failure?

    I don't know if the S.M.A.R.T test I ran today was a indication of a possible HDD failure? Here's a pic to see if I'm reading it wrong or if I should be worried.
  9. jpolacko

    Solved Microsoft is Misleading Consumers With Windows 8.1 System

    Now I'm running Win 8.1 OEM Builder. Should I continue to run this version as I'm in violation of Windows license agreement ? Here's the link to the story I got in my Email. Microsoft is Misleading Consumers With Windows 8.1 System Builder Licensing
  10. jpolacko

    Solved Hardware Error

    So today I was tinkering around in action center and decided to view reliability history and I came across a hardware error so i'll post this error and see if someone could possibly read it.. I haven't had any BSOD. Source Windows Summary Hardware error Date ‎9/‎22/‎2014 6:05 PM Status No...
  11. jpolacko

    Had to go back to Windows 7 :(

    Well yesterday I ended up restoring my system back to Windows 7 from 8.1. For some reason there was something causing Windows 8 to run incorrectly and finally crashed while running IE in metro. Kept hanging and had several issues with Adobe Flash where it wouldn't work. I guess I'll run Windows...
  12. jpolacko

    Solved Disk Errors

    I don't know if anyone here uses Advanced System Care but I did a Disk Error scan and this is what it found. If anyone could tell me what those errors mean?
  13. jpolacko

    Android 4.4.4 update for samsung.

    I have the Samsung Note 3 from US Cellular sitting here waiting for the Android 4.4.4 update. Anyone else waiting for the update? And was wondering what new features it will bring to the older galaxy devices being that Samsung S5 is already out and the Note 4 right around the corner. :geek:
  14. jpolacko

    My Setup

    Finally got my start menu on my Windows 8.1 machine set up where I want it. If anyone has anymore customization suggestions let me know. I moved from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 OEM Builders edition when I started building computer's this year. :cool:
  15. jpolacko

    Firefox adobe flash crash

    Hey everyone first time poster here on this forum. I have a little bit of a issue I haven't been able to figure out. I'm running Windows 8.1 Update 2 and I'm having a issue where Adobe Flash crashes randomly and get a script hang error. I have uninstalled Adobe flash and reinstalled and wiped...