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    Possible Sign of HDD failure?

    Hi again i have a sony laptop for 4 years and 4mos this happen two times when im booting up the laptop it takes minutes to boot up but ending up shutting down instead and then im going to reset by removing its laptop battery (though the battery is not working anymore) and then hold the power...
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    How to backup recovery file bootable usb drive

    Hello Everyone, i have a sony vaio laptop and i create a usb recovery drive using vaio software years back and im kinda need of a usb drive right now is it possible to copy the contents of that usb ? or i need some software to work it if yes point me to a good software and if i need to use the...
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    Deleting unused context menu shortcut

    So i got this unused shortcut corrupted called Easylock from cocosys how to remove it?
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    run ddl32 when plugging a usb drive

    i plugged my usb on my pc then it suddenly disconnect then it appears again . after that i got a usb shortcut and i check it and i think my files there was ok. So, whenever i plugged my usb drive it runs also the ddl32 and its preventing me to eject safely my usb i already scan it with...
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    Solved How remove windows 8.1 installation files

    Hi, everyone so i got this windows 8.1 pop up prompt that my PC is ready to install windows 8.1 on my laptop. luckly im choosing the option not now because i dont want to install windows 8.1 rather i just want to get windows 10 is there any trick how to removed the windows 8.1 installation files?
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    Solved Help! laptop stuck at 28% charging

    laptop wont boot until the charger is plug in what should i do?
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    is my hdd failing?

    i need help about my laptop i have this now for 2 years i get random bluescreens everytime i use my laptop Case 1 : i restart my laptop then if it tooks too long then i got a bluescreen "shutdown unexpectedly" Case 2 : i close the lid of my laptop then the disk light indicator is still...
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    About windows update cleanup

    Hi its my first time to run windows update cleanup on my laptop. after analyzing i could get 1gb+ free space then i run it then i notice that it so slow its been 3 hours now then i should worry now coz my laptop fan hits 100% think so and laptop gets hot so i cancelled it then ive start then it...
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    about this running on my task manager every time i boot

    Intel(R) System Behavior Tracker Collector Service Intel Energy Checker Energy Server Intel Energy Checker Energy Server Service how can I or can I stop this from running everytime I boot my laptop? is this safe to End task on task manager?
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    Laptop power button flashes orange?

    im new to this situation and my first encounter sorry for being noob my laptop power button flashes orange while i am charging and the lid was close. any idea what happen to my laptop?
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    About Uninstalling pre installed norton online backup

    i recently uninstalled norton online backup on my laptop windows 8 using microsoft fix it because i cant uninstall it on control panel and remove it successfully and in startup in task manager but in services there's a norton online backup in there which i need to disabled but it should not be...
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    About Defragging

    at what percent do i need to defrag on my windows 8?
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    Solved need help about creating a system image in windows 8

    hi its my first time to create my first system image in my windows 8 i wanna know if i can exclude a certain file if not how many blank cd's do i need i got 146GB used currently in my C drive and while creating a system image could it take the proccess an hour or more?
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    I need help guys about my windows 8 suddenly becomes slow

    Hi guys im new here in the forums so as i open my laptop i notice that my laptop becomes slow when it comes to booting after entering my password and i notice that opening any task too like when i open task manager,file explorer,google chrome, or even going to the charm bar back to desktop it...