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    Hibernating problem: Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report

    Hello Members I hope someone is still here;) Anyway I have a wee problem with hibernating my machine. Is anyone able to give me a hint what I could do next? Thanks
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    Upgrade to 8.1

    [solved]Upgrade to 8.1 Hi All I want to upgrade my system to 8.1 pro from 8 pro and have gone through the forum and at the moment I want to use to download the 8.1 with the Media Creation Tool. The installation through the store is directly and I just want to prepare files for the time when I'm...
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    Dual boot-Black screen-Winload error /status 0xC0000225

    Hi all A couple of days ago I hit an error with a dual boot setup which existed for some months. The dual boot entry was missing and I could not repair/refresh/reset with any install disk. Chckdsk and sfc /scannow from the other partition and from the install disk repair command prompt did not...
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    win 8 calculator, new window opens (default)

    win 8 calculator, only one instance open (default) Hi All I have a win 8 pro setup. Every time I press the calculator shortcut on the keyboard a new calculator window opens. I would like to have only one instance. It is very annoying when it opens a new calculator window every time:mad:. Have...
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    Keyboard with touchpad for CAD

    Hi All The changes to the MS OS'es and touch screens might bring some advantage for me and my CAD work if using keyboard and, if available, a touchpad(drawing board) in one. I work on a large screen attached to the laptop with a wireless KB. Has anyone of you used or come across anything like...
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    move all installed applications/programs to new profile

    use all applications/programs in newly created profile Hi All I have a mouse and keyboard corruption which I haven't been able to fix.Tried uninstall and install the drivers lots of times and restored to an earlier point, no joy. Consequently I created a new user and the mouse and keyboard are...
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    Windows 8 , download and save

    Hi All Before the months internet allowance is changing to next month I would like to download and save the 8.1 upgrade. I'm still on W8(pro) and like getting ready as in the near future I would also install the 8.1.1. Does anyone have a link for the 8.1? I know I can do through the store though...
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    Microsoft-Windows-Search- performance monitoring help

    Hi All I have tried unsuccessfully to solve those events: 10021, 3007, 3006 Has anyone of you an idea what I could do next? Thanks
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    performance counter problems

    Hi All Lately I seem to get a lot of those errors(Perflib) in the even viewer. See attached file. Is anyone able to help me with that? Thanks
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    IE11 on windows 8 possible?

    I had a wee look around and could not really find anything about the availability or possibility to have IE!! on windows8?:o
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    Solved Options for "Save As" context menu

    Hi All Quite frequently I have to save files to different directories and subdirectories on the Data partition. Is it possible to add more options to this menu? Thanks :-)
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    Solved Bootable backup on usb

    A week ago or so I had a machine failure. I had all the documents saved. It took me quite a long time to get me up and running on another machine. At the moment I'm interested in finding out if there is a possibility to backup/clone a finished installed system to a usb(bootable) drive. In case...
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    Solved windows upgrade notification band across screen

    Hi All I came back to my laptop 8 pro to find a blue band across the screen with an upgrade notification. I don't want it(8.1). Can I stop that notification coming up again. It did lock the screen and I had to log out to get arround it. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Solved Upgraded to W8 Pro though still W8

    Hi All I have installed W8 Pro on C: with wiping windows 8 standard. During the process it never asked for an install key and what I ended up with is seen here below. What have I done wrong?:eek: