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  1. Odos270

    All browsers eat over 1GB of memory

    I'm really getting sick of this crappola. :mad: Firefox, Chrome and IE all use massive amounts of memory when I'm on a graphics rich page. If I'm on a page with a lot of animated gifs, the amount of ram usage climbs (fast). Then the browser starts stuttering and will hardly scroll. Then they...
  2. Odos270

    YouTube video freezes Firefox at ONE forum only

    This is to bizarre. One forum I go to, if I try to play an embedded YouTube video, Firefox freezes. I go to another forum and no problem, embedded video plays fine. If I go to YouTube itself, videos play fine. Windows 8.1 Kaspersky Internet Security Malwarebytes Premium Firefox 41 (happened...
  3. Odos270

    User account not the original one

    This isn't (now) a real issue, but am curious as to what happened. Before the 10 upgrade mess, my account was a Microsoft Live account. When I upgraded to 10, I did something and had to logout. When I tried to log back in, my account used my hotmail account. That's when I had to use the Macrium...
  4. Odos270

    Changing clicked link color, Firefox

    I found a way to change the clicked link color from default to a different color. I did this because clicked links at DuckDuckGo wouldn't change color when clicked on. You have to create a folder in Owner/AppData/Roaming/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles. You name the folder Chrome. Then you create a...
  5. Odos270

    Change default icon location

    When I change an icon, it opens %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll I'd like to change that. I hate the stock Windows icons. So, I use custom icons. When I change an icon, I want it to open up my Icon folder. My folder is located at My Computer/Local Disc (C)/My Icons That's where I'd like the...
  6. Odos270

    Solved Backup/Clone Software freeware

    I be a poor boy, not much extra cash. I suppose this question has been asked a million times. Well, here's the 1 million +1 asking. :p Can't use the search function, tried, doesn't work. Posted about that on another thread. I'm looking for one that is freeware, without a nag popup. I suffer...
  7. Odos270

    Forum search unresponsive

    I've tried this more than once. I allow or temporarily allow all with No Script. I white-listed the forum in Adblock Plus. Still nothing. The search function doesn't work. Now using Firefox 39. It's been the exact same way through several versions of Firefox. And please don't say to try IE or...
  8. Odos270

    Solved Firefox 39, Google search untrusted

    I'm ready to pull my hair out.:mad: This just started after taking my computer to the shop (if you ask nicely, I'll share the nightmare). I have no problem with Startpage, Bing, Duck Duck Go or Yahoo. Just Google. Homepage (news.google.com) loads fine. No problem. Then I click their stupid box...
  9. Odos270

    Solved Custom icons for Recycle Bin

    OK, I hate the default icons. They are nuggin' fasty. So I want to change the icons. Problem is, the icons don't change unless you refresh the desktop. I use a blank icon for when the bin is empty. All you see is "Recycle Bin", looks like there's no icon there. The full icon is a full moon...
  10. Odos270

    Solved Ugg, Firefox says Google search is untrusted. WTH?

    What a mess. Can't get it figured out.
  11. Odos270

    Thunderbird 38.1.0 won't delete mail from server.

    I use Mailwasher Pro to 1st check email. Within it, I delete email that I don't want to download. Then use Thunderbird to download the mail. I have 2 email accounts, Gmail and Hotmail. If I I do "Get All New Messages", it downloads them. What it doesn't do is remove the mail from Hotmail off...
  12. Odos270

    Links drug from address bar to desktop have a blank icon

    Firefox 37.0.1, Windows 8.1 and everything up to date. This has been going on for awhile. Stopped for a short bit and now started again. :( If I create an http shortcut on the desktop, the icon is fine. It's a white background with a Firefox logo and the upper right corner is folded over...
  13. Odos270

    External hard drive being constantly accessed

    This is puzzling. For 2 days I've noticed that the 'light' on 1 of my external drives is constantly blinking. This is going on 24hrs a day. The drive shows in This PC and is accessible. Scanned the drive for errors and it shows as fine. Drive is a Western Digital 'My Book'. It's not hot, I have...
  14. Odos270

    Solved Firefox freezes upon opening a new tab

    This just started yesterday. Even after the latest update (today), the problem continues. I have Firefox set to open links in a New Tab. If I click a link on my homepage (Google News), the new tab opens then promptly freezes. Even if I click the + to open a new blank tab, it freezes. I created...
  15. Odos270

    Solved Urgent! Win 8.1 un-activated itself!!!!

    Talk about bizarre! Woke up this morning, went to check email. I don't shutdown/sleep/hibernate this box. The monitor was 'off', shuts off after 30 min. So, I give the mouse a jiggle. What comes up? Not my desktop. I've got a blue screen with the message that Windows needs to be activated. :eek...
  16. Odos270

    Solved Firefox not showing pictures in sigs, YouTube won't work

    This just started. I noticed on a forum that I frequent, avatars do show. If that person has a picture in their sig, no picture. Just the word "Image". Also, if they imbed a YouTube video, just get the border and it says YouTube at the top. Video isn't clickable (no play button). If I go to...
  17. Odos270

    Disable System Services?

    I ran across Black Viper years ago while using Windows XP. He had a list of Services that could be disabled. I used it and had no problems. Am wondering what those of you who have more knowledge than I, think of his list for Windows 8.1. » Black Viper?s Windows 8.1 Service Configurations
  18. Odos270

    Solved Shortcut for System Restore?

    I was able to do it in XP. I created a shortcut to system restore and put it on the Start Menu. So much easier than the way Win8 works. Wondering if there's a way to do the same in 8.1? Thanks
  19. Odos270

    Win8.1 really beginning to p*ss me OFF!

    XP Pro seemed to not give me the grief that 8.1 does. Everything was fine. I was sick of the wait time for Windows to boot. Did some research and found that Catalyst Control Center Launcher was the culprit. So, I disabled the startup. I rebooted and first thing I see is 2 Kaspersky icons in the...
  20. Odos270

    Solved Action Center WRONG

    OK, I ran across this thread http://www.eightforums.com/general-support/43568-i-m-unable-set-startup-program.html#post363386 and decided to give it a shot. Shortcut on desktop works fine. I then put a shortcut into the Startup folder. The shortcut is for SpeedFan. Rebooted and what a mess. I got...