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    where to Buy Windows 8.1 Key

    From which website I can buy cheap Windows 8.1 Genuine key (Authentic) . Kindly Guide
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    How to check the graphics card

    How to check the graphics card wether it is working properly or not or is there any fault in it?. I have nividia 830m and intel 4400 series.
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    NFS MW lagg

    I have hp pavilion p008tx with 830M nividia graphics and 8gb ram on corei5 . I installed the "skidrow need for speed most wanted" but I lagged as I am playing it on pentium 3 very laggy kindly sugest me what can I do.
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    Hp logo (blue) is not showing on boot up

    Hp logo is not showing on boot directly windows 8 logo appears . How to correct it. When I purchased the laptop then hp logo was showing but after installing windows in legacy mode it disappears. Kindly help.
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    Windows 8.1 partition problem

    I burn windows 8.1 with rufus for Uefi boot system then started the installation . at the partition dialog I deleted old Windows partition and click for new one but I got this error message . Kindly help me.
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    how to burn Windows 8/8.1 to usb (not dvd)

    Hi everyone. How can I burn the windows 8.1 .iso downloaded by using "windows media creation tool" to USB drive. Because I downloaded the .iso file and now I dont have dvd in my laptop so I need to burn it to USB. Can anyone help ?
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    How to burn windows 8 to usb or dvd?

    How can I burn windows 8.1 to usb or dvd downloaded from microsoft using windows media creation tool in .iso format?
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    How to make windows recovery image in Laptop's own hardisk

    How to make original windows 8 recovery image in Laptop's own hardisk (after the hp original recovery is deleted) and how to restore the system using this recovery image . Kindly help.
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    How to Make Windows recovery in laptop's own hardisk.

    Kindly tell me how to make windows recovery image in laptop's own hardisk and how to rset the laptop by using it after some failure of windows.