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    Jump list bug in Windows 8.1

    Hi. Is there a tutorial somewhere about how to fix the annoying jump list bug that many themes posted in DeviantArt have on Windows 8.1? For example, right now I'm using a theme created by wango911. It's a pretty simple theme that changes the font color in the titlebars, the inactive window...
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    Small issue with the personalization window (Windows 8.1)

    Hi. I came here to ask some serious help about modifying some very specific things of my Windows 8.1's appearance. First of all, I guess I should specify that I'm using a custom theme right now, it's this one, SimplexDesignsART's Windows Vista theme for Windows 8.1. I'm specifically using the...
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    Titlebar Issue while using a 3rd Party Theme, Windows 8.1.

    So.. I'll go straight to the point: Is this bug fixable? Details: -The theme is called "Windows Basic (Square)" and as you can see, it's a recreation of Windows 7's Basic Theme for Windows 8.1, easily the best one out of the 2 or 3 there are on the internet. -It was created by an user of...
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    Can i change the Font Size? (Folders and Applications)

    How can i hide this? Hello guys, i have Windows 8 since Three or Four Weeks Ago and 5 minutes ago a question has come to my head: How can i hide this.. Menu Bar? Example: I really want to hide it because ruins the Appearance of the OS Sorry my bad english, Thanks for read and Greetings from...