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  1. Agiel

    [Request] My Power Options don let me activate any profile

    also does any one knows why y don't se my turbo speed in PC Preview it says 3.40Ghz 3.40Ghz should say 3.40Ghz 4.0Ghz
  2. Agiel

    [Question] VGA Upgrade

    i have a xfx HD7850 1GB, i was reading reviews, and i was wondering if upgrading to a GTX 670 will be a reall upgrade ... i saw it was powerful than mi HD7850, but, will i see any improvement ?? like 10 ~ 15 fps ??
  3. Agiel

    Show Us your Final Fantasy XIV

    put here you Scores ... with the Game Save Results tool. FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Official Benchmark (Exploration) Tested on:8/5/2014 10:49:18 AM Score:5618 Average Framerate:45.409 Performance:Very High -Easily capable of running the game. Should perform exceptionally well, even at...