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    Reviews of Products and Services

    When I am thinking about purchasing a product or service, I check out the reviews. So how does one determine which reviews are self serving ( those placed by the manufacturer or service organization) and which are legitimate? I recently was searching for an internet provider to replace Verizon...
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    Does Your Windows Freeze Up

    Thought I would pass this on. For weeks, I have been trying to find out why windows would freeze up when I either moved my mouse quickly or jumped from one search to another. I use Yahoo as my search engine. While I was doing this, I had to put up with the Yahoo toolbar hi-jacking my searches. I...
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    Solved Usb 16 gb

    I switched from using CD's for backups to USB. So when I do another backup; will the existing backup be updated with new or changed files or do I need to delete the old backup first.
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    What Equipment Do I Need?

    Hello. I am at odd's with my cable provider and I do not think they can solve my problem but I believe that I can. Long story short: I no longer am willing to pay a premium if the networks force commercials on me and as many as 6 in a row. I find that there are TV channels on line. So I...
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    Solved Paying To Watch TV Ad's

    I just posted a message on the "Comcast forum" and would like to know if you agree? here is the message: Hello to all subscribers, You all pay a premium to watch the shows that is not on regular tv ( antenna reception) and the differance is you have to put up with as many as 5...
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    Ccleaner vs SpeedyPc Pro

    I switched from SpeedyPc pro to Ccleaner on the advice from this website. But soon after, my computer started to slow down and then would freeze up and stay that way for about 1 to 1-1/2 minutes. After a couple of weeks of trying different things to solve it and sometimes they appeared to work...
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    Solved Can "Old.Windows" Be Removed To The Recycle Bin

    My security and virus program used to take about 15 minutes or less to scan. I used Norton 360. Now it takes about an hour or more. I think it is because I performed some trouble shooting that resulted in Old windows being created and thus the scan process now takes longer. So can I removed Old...
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    Solved Computer Freezes UP

    Hello, I am now using windows 8.1 after trying out windows 10. Windows 10 on my machine was less stable then windows 8.1. But on both versions, my computer would freeze up if I worked my mouse quickly over my choices. Then I have to wait up to 2 to 5 minutes and then its ok again...
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    Windows 8.1 Backup & Restore

    Hello All, I just found out that windows 8.1 does not have a backup and restore application as it has in windows 7. So to work around this, I also know that "The Norton Security Suite" has this application as part of its security and virus protection. So I intend to use Norton for...
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    Restoring Files On A New Computer

    Join Date: Sep 2013 Windows 7 64 Bit 74 posts Levittown, Pa. Local Time: 13:31 Restoring Files On A New...