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    Start menu icons/shortcuts not refreshing/updating

    Within the last month or so, shortcuts on the start menu haven't been refreshing when their respective icons actually change. This only pertains to 3rd party programs and games--not those downloaded from the Microsoft store or included in Windows by default. For example, Steam recently changed...
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    Solved Win 8.1 stalls during loading screen

    Today, I restart my PC and now it refuses to load Windows. I have changed nothing recently, neither in BIOS nor software. It was a simple, routine restart and it hasn't worked since. I even tried re-imaging my primary drive from 1 month ago (after trying more recent images) and I still have the...
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    8.1: Modern UI app process persistence after closing

    As the title suggests, in Windows 8.1, Modern UI app processes continue to run after I've closed the actual apps. I don't know if this behavior is intentional or not, nor do I know of any way to prevent it. I know in Windows 8.0, just about all apps stopped their processes after you close them...
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    Solved cleanmgr.exe and removing a previous sageset

    Trying to remove one of these that I've already set. I don't really need to use it anymore and would like the setting gone, preferably. I know it writes an entry into the registry, so knowing which directory and key to either modify or delete would be good or simply a command line parameter that...
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    Solved Account sync issues

    I can't seem to get my profile to reliably sync to new devices or when I've tried clean installs on my main system. I have all settings checked to sync and the PCs are all trusted devices. Sometimes it will sync the desktop background and my profile picture, others it may sync some of my...
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    Solved 2 step verification and account madness

    Has anyone tried this yet? I think they either rolled out a broken feature or Windows 8 isn't able to handle it yet. I enabled it and I could no longer sync my passwords because it wouldn't let me trust my PC anymore. If I click the link in settings under the charms menu, it says the URL is...