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    Solved home network problem seeing drive by other computers

    Would like to find out why I cannot see a hard drive on another computer on my home network. Here is the background. I took and put a SSD as C: drive on a HP Pavilion and put that HD (ST750LM022 HN-M7) into the CD drive bay which makes the HD drive D:. Did the share of that drive, right click on...
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    I did a search in google for "Default.migrated" and found the same question here, New folder "Default.migrated" in the "Users" folder - Microsoft Community. In Microsoft Community the answer was - "Default.Migrated" folder has appeared because you have upgraded from Windows 7 to windows 8...
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    Solved Cannot buy Windows 8 after using 90 day Windows 8 Evaluati

    Two months ago I put the 90 day Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation, Build 9200 that had Vista installed. Started upgrade from email from Microsoft to buy Windows 8. Clicked on buy Windows 8 and the Upgrade Assistant ran. Then I got this statement - Secure boot requires firmware that supports UEFI...