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  1. Durahl

    Natively pinned Websites not working

    Greetings! Problem started about a week ago when suddenly no Website natively pinned to the Desktop would open anymore. Even with newly created Tiles linking to a Website, whenever I hit them it'll only open an empty Internet Explorer Tab, not the Website that was linked to it. Apps, like the...
  2. Durahl

    Solved Integrating Drivers into Windows 8.1 Installation CD

    Greetings! I've recently done a full revamp of my System including a new Motherboard that comes with an Intel® I218V Gigabit LAN Controller ( see Motherboard Specifications ) that won't work off the beat with the Windows 8.1 supplied Drivers which basically means that during the Windows 8...
  3. Durahl

    Main Display Issue with Metro Apps

    Greetings! I'm having a little issue with my Screen Setup and I was wondering if there's a fix to that. But lets explain how it all started: I recently upgraded from to Photoshop CC after seeing a YouTube Video with someone working on the same Wacom Cintiq 24HD Touch I have using the newly...
  4. Durahl

    BackUp Solutions/Suggestions for 8TB of Data?

    Greetings! Today while casually browsing the iNet my Music suddenly stopped playing and while at first I believed it to be an issue with Xbox Music I later discovered that the Culprit was actually one of my RAID0 HDD's which decided to go AWOL - The Intel RST Manager confirmed this by showing...
  5. Durahl

    Sound Blaster ZxR and Toslink - No System Volume Control

    Greetings! I'm having a little problem here which I wasn't quite able to solve using the official Creative Support. First a little explanation: Before installing my new Sound Blaster ZxR I had to temporarily use the Onboard Sound of my Asus Rampage IV Black Edition because of a SLI Water...
  6. Durahl

    IE11 sometimes forgetting Login Information

    Every once in a while IE11 suddenly forgets to automatically fill in my credentials to websites making it necessary to manually enter them - Well... Selecting them from the dropdown list where you'd enter the credentials would be more accurate. Doesn't happen with every website - Eightforums...
  7. Durahl

    Metro Style OnScreenKeyboard size and Monitor selection

    As a Multi-Monitor user I'm currently plagues with 3 Problems concerning the Metro Style OnScreenKeyboard. 1. For most of the time it appears on the wrong Monitor - Not the one with touch capability thus forcing me to manually move it over to the right screen which, at best, is annoying. It...
  8. Durahl

    Partial language problems with Apps, Programs and Websites

    Greetings! I'm facing a language problem on all 3 PC's I own ( 2 custom ones, 1 Surface PRO imported from the US ). The situation is as follows: All 3 PC use an enUS Installation of Windows 8 Pro but some Apps, Programs and Websites keep displaying information in German. Most prominent App...
  9. Durahl

    App EXE, where do I find them?

    I was about to attach an APP I regularly use to a Hotkey on my Keyboard when suddenly I realized don't even know where to find the Executable to do so. Where can one find these Executable and do they even look like a x86 type EXE?
  10. Durahl

    xBox Music App Questions

    Greetings! Not beeing all too familiar with xBox Music I was wondering if someone could explain me how exactly this App and the Service works on a Windows 8 PC like my Surface PRO. Let me explain my problem: I'm currently running into a Local File/Cloud/Streaming problem with some of my Music...