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    Download error The publisher could not be verified

    Ever had this happen? You spend 30 minutes or longer downloading a program or file or whatever only to get to where it has finished downloading,,so,, it should just save to your system,,right? But after all that time waiting & after using all of that bandwidth,, at the very last minute it just...
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    Wan't the Old WIN 7 Explore tool-bar back?

    If this is against the rules of this forum, I'm sorry & please delete it. Some people hate the ribbon in Windows 8 Explorer. I can take it or leave it, but I do feel it is less helpful than the old Win 7 style Explorer Menu-bar. Microsoft said that the old style Explorer Menu-bar was gone...
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    Solved Windows System image backup

    OK, I have Win 7 & Win 8 on two separate HDD's (I can choose either OS to run at start-up). So how come when I try to do a system image backup (in widows 8) & choose Win 8 from the list of drives it also locks in the Win 7 drive, which I cannot change? It will not let me just do a System image...