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  1. DeriLoko3

    How do I Bring Back the "Everyone" Permission in RegEdit?

    I deleted the "Everyone" permission from every key and every folder using RegEdit, closed RegEdit, restarted my computer, and now my computer comes to just the black screen. I did not do that in explorer.exe. I only did that in RegEdit. How can I bring the "Everyone" permission back? Use RegEdit...
  2. DeriLoko3

    How Do I Delete the Empty Folders and Zero-Byte Files

    Hi. I really need to know how to remove the empty folders and zero-byte files.
  3. DeriLoko3

    Solved I Cannot Update Realtek HD Audio Driver

    I was trying to update the Realtek HD Audio Driver, but it failed. All I did was to download the latest version of the program from Realtek, uninstall the previous version of the program, and re-install the latest version of the program, but it did not work. I have tried re-installing the latest...