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  1. enigma1944

    W8.1 and error code 802 440 19

    I checked for updates and error code 802 440 19 immediately appeared followed by this info. You received this error code because you are in the W10 download queue No further action required. I DO NOT wish to accept the W10 right now and what I read in this forum is I will have the...
  2. enigma1944

    Solved W8.1 updates

    Is anyone receiving updates for W8.1 I am locked out of updates
  3. enigma1944

    Solved Error Code 802 440 19

    I receive this when I check for updates on 8.1 My notice about the W10 is gone from the update section so I'm thinking maybe I will receive the W10 soon. I really DO NOT want to update at this time
  4. enigma1944

    Adobe Flash Player Action Errors

    I am us W8.1 and all at once I started to receive these action errors. I DO NOT have Flash Player installed??????????????? Advice please
  5. enigma1944

    Setting Tabs

    Is there any way to change the tab retention setup. What I mean to say is that after finishing with current web page and going to the next web site can that tab be closed and the new one open ETC. without keep a history. Thanks
  6. enigma1944


    I took all the 21 updates I received and logged off. This morning I open the system and I can not get to msn.com When I signed in the system it loaded feeds and stopped. I use man for a homepage but all it brings up are feeds. How can I correct this Thanks
  7. enigma1944

    Emailing files from Word Pad

    I can't find a way to email files from my word pad. When I try it the system me to set a default mail program. How do I do this. Thanks
  8. enigma1944


    I don't know why but I am having some problems with outlook and they are becoming more frequent. Right now if I use online radio & outlook it goes into a loop and I can't get out and the screen freezes. Other times it's like it is on a timer and the mail just closes. Right now I can't switch...
  9. enigma1944

    MSN Emails

    Last week I received some emails about using windows from MSN. I didn't read them but were they about W10. Thanks
  10. enigma1944

    Vertical Tabs

    Is there any possible way to set up vertical tabs?????? Thanks
  11. enigma1944

    IE11 Tabs

    Is it possible to set up tabs to close automatically after starting a new one Thanks
  12. enigma1944

    Solved Malware starting IE11

    For the past two weeks I keep getting a message automatically when I start IE11. It tells me to call 855-978-2910 because my browser is outdated. If I try to X it out it won't work but if I reload IE11 it does not appear again I have the free AVAST security 2015. How can I correct this...
  13. enigma1944

    Favorites Toolbar on IE11

    I have about 25 sites which I have shortened the name on the toolbar. In addition, I have the toolbar lock checked but for some reason the toolbar will remain as I made it but I variably lose 3-5 icons. My system is a Lenovo 23" All In One Thanks
  14. enigma1944

    Loss of ISP

    MY ISP is Brighthouse Tampa and I read several newspapers online. While reading with a wired connection about 5-8 min the internet cuts off and most times I have to restart. It there some type of timing set up by the ISP or my computer. Thanks
  15. enigma1944

    Long Script

    I'm on W8.1 and just started to have some scripting issues.. It just freezes the screen and I have to start over This just started this week, any ideas Thanks
  16. enigma1944


    The following bulletins have undergone a major revision increment. Please see the appropriate bulletin for more details. * MS14-045 - Important Bulletin Information: ===================== MS14-045 - Important - https://technet.microsoft.com/library/security/ms14-045 - Reason for...
  17. enigma1944

    Ie 10 or ie 11

    Is there any benefit going from 10 to 11. Thanks
  18. enigma1944

    Scripting errors

    I just started to get many scripting errors while reading newspapers. What can I do to resolve this. Thanks
  19. enigma1944


    I am on W8 and I would like to know your general thoughts about going to 8.1. Is it worth it?????????? Thanks
  20. enigma1944

    Flash Player

    I keep getting the message to update flash player. When I go to Adobe and do the test it says I am up to date?????????????????????? I have active x disabled and flash player enabled. What else can I do???????????????????????????????????????