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    Screensaver Running Amuck

    On my wife's laptop running 8.1 sometimes when the bubbles screensaver comes on them bubbles is movin' 80 miles-an-hour. Any idea what would cause this ?? It's only part of the time. Jim
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    Boot Partition Showing in Drives

    Just installed 8.1 on one of my machines. The 100 mb "system reserved" boot partition is showing up as drive E in the drives. It does not show on my other Win 8 machine. Why would this be? It's not hurting anything but it's kind of annoying and in the way. Is there some way to hide it? Thanks...
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    Windows 8 Upgrade Question-Is the Key Limited?

    I have one computer running Win 7. I purchsed the $40 upgrade to Win 8 when they had that promotion. My question - is the key tied to the computer I downloaded on or can it be used on another machine? Thanks for your response. Jim
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    Will This Setup Work?

    On one of my computers I have a 120 gig SSD with Win 7 and programs installed. There's also a 500 gig mechanical drive for data. I'm thinking of sticking another mechanical drive in there just for Win 8.1 and dual boot. Will this work ok? What will happen to the boot files? Will they stay with...