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    Dos question

    What's the difference between the dos commands CD and %CD% windows 8.1? Don Cole
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    Missing 150% sceen size

    Under Control Panel Items\Display Change the size of all items Smaller - 100%(default) Medium - 125% Larger - 150% The 150% is missing on one user. Both screen resolutions are 1366 x 768. I know when I had this problem before and I had to change the size of something to make the 150% appear...
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    Solved Environmental Variable ComSpec

    What should be in the Environmental Variable ComSpec windows 4.1? I erased mine by mistake. What I've read I'm going to try C:\system32\cmd.exe. But If it's wrong my computer won't restart. Is this path correct? Don Cole
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    Command prompt quesstion

    What does command symbol % mean? For example I know that CD means Current Directory or Change Directory. What does %CD% mean? Don Cole
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    Solved How to save the results of a search.

    I know to save a search. When I reopen the saved search, It conducts the search again. I don't want to search again I want to see the results of my last search. Don Cole
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    Solved How to save a search

    I search by left clicking "This PC". A Window opens with a with a small EditText that says "Search" with a small magnifying glass. In there I type what I'm searching for. After a long time the window fills up with all the finds and their locations. How can I save this search? Don Cole
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    Can't delete folder

    In error, I copied a folder from 'C:/user/AppData/local/apple' to my desktop. When I try to delete it, it say you do not have permissions. Even though I am the administrator, it say you do not have permissions. How can I delete this folder? :mad: Don Cole
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    Accessing App Data

    How access AppData folders. That say, "permission declined". Don Cole
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    C Drive keeps filling up

    My C drive keeps filling up. Don Cole
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    Default Programs

    In Windows 8.1 Default Programs, For .bat what should it say under Current Default? Don Cole
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    Solved Windows 8.1 Magnifier not working

    When I open the magnifier I get a small magnified square with pointer in it. Problem is I can't shut it off. Don Cole
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    Solved window missing 8.1

    Before when I hit the "This PC" icon I would get a nice graph screen (in color) showing all the drives with a line under them displaying how much space is used. Now I don't get it anymore. Now I get a window shows the drive space only in numbers. What happened to that other window and how...