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    4TB External hard drive cant initialize with a message The device not ready

    Hi Sir/Maam, I am using windows 8 and I am having problem with my 4TB Seagate external hard drive. It suddenly cannot be viewed in My Computer but can be viewed in the device manager. 1. First, when i plug the external drive, it does not appear in: a. My Computer - no display b...
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    Automatic repair coud'nt repair your PC problem

    Hi, kindly help me pls. my laptop cannot proceed to my desktop. Kernel data inpage error always occurs recently and now my laptop coud'nt proceed to desktop. And now my laptop goes like this below. 1. Opened my laptop. With a message "Preparing automatic repair" 2. "Diagnosing...
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    Solved unable to go to desktop, refresh or reset windows8 laptop

    hi, i am having a problem. can you help me coz i cant boot to my windows 8. please i need a solution. problem goes like this: as i open my laptop it says "preparing automatic repair" >> daignosing your pc >>> attempting repairs>>> then it was stuck and cant proceed to desktop. i tried to...