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  1. Old Kanga

    Consistent extremely long boot time (15 minutes+) on lenov

    I have seen that problem a few times with my Lenovo H30.00 Desktop. Usually happens after installing a new program or un-installing one. I suspect the Programs and Features Add/Remove. Using Iobit Uninstaller as a test against Windows 8.1 own un-installer the Windows un-installer can leave a...
  2. Old Kanga

    Sticking to 8.1

    No thanks to Windows 10. Quite simply, I don't want Windows 10. I run Win 8.1 on fairly low spec machine but with a little tweaking Win 8.1 does everything I want. I have tried Windows 10 four times now and am not impressed. Privacy is an issue. Bing is another. Microsoft Edge is a...
  3. Old Kanga

    Ridiculously Trivial Trivia

    All of the persons named and also the fictional entity Casper are dead. Morbid but that to me is the link between them.