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  1. midou35000

    Solved Old Pavilion Laptop Restored To Windows 8 Pro (Cracked?)

    Hello, So I had this laptop that I bought 5 years ago (Created my forum account on it. Really brings back memories lol!). I don't exactly remember when but it was on windows 8.1 but I upgraded it to windows 10 back then when it was released. This laptop is like my grandparent's old TV that we...
  2. midou35000

    Faking Ping In Windows??

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to fake your actual pc ping in other application, if anyone of u has an idea i'd love if you share it. Alex.
  3. midou35000

    Solved How To Use Chrome WITHOUT VPN

    Hi, Basically, i have a VPN installed (Hotspot Shield) am using it for hiding my ip when i use some programs like skype or Teamspeak, but (obviously) it makes my browsing experience slow especially streaming videos, this forces me to close the VPN everytime i want to use chrome and other...
  4. midou35000

    Solved I Want To See How This Forums Server Look Like

    Hello, Yeah lol i am just being curious if Brink can take a pic of what the server looks like :P.
  5. midou35000

    Solved Cannot Start Services:"Access Denied"

    Hi, Yea this problem started from no reason, it first happened when my avast warns me that it cant start the service i tried to do that manually but it gives a "Access Denied" warning, so i went to the registry and tried to set the permissions there by going to...
  6. midou35000

    Did That happened to you

    Yeah so (sorry if i am rude) but dont you guys see that sometimes when you help someone new to this forums and when his probem is fixed HOP!! he doesnt rep you he just says Thank you and go away. If all knew about repping i would have a medal right now!! belive me This week i helped like 24 guy...
  7. midou35000

    Solved Is It Possible To Get Unanswered Section Here?

    So i wonder if Mr.Shawn or the other admins can add the "Unanswered" section if possible (Like in Seven Forums) because it is really easy to find people that doesnt have answers to their questions. Thanks.
  8. midou35000

    Windows 9 Or Windows 8.2

    I heared that windows might realease Windows 8.2 before Windows 9 is that true or shall i start saving mony to buy the new Windows 9 when it is available?
  9. midou35000

    Need Help in SFC/Scannow

    Hi, So i itried Sfc/scannow command in cmd and when it has finnished i have got this : So i have uploaded the CBS.log file and can anybody tell me what is the thing that has not got fixed. Thanks.
  10. midou35000

    Do You Like My New Signature?

    Ooops it seems really small picture i will fix that but is it okay for a signature?
  11. midou35000

    Solved Sorry For Being Curious But....?

    How do i become a V.I.P Member?? i really want to become a V.I.P but i have no idea so anyway can tell me how?
  12. midou35000

    Had A BSOD Yesterday

    Hi There, So i had a BSOD yesterday but am not sure if it is: "System service exception" and i think when i opened skype after a couple of minutes.... Yeah I have attached the files required. Thanks For your time.
  13. midou35000

    Solved Very Slow Game Textures Loading After A While

    Hi There!, So the problem is as i said when i play a game like GTA iv first things are workinglike a charm and then after 30 min the textures will load really slowly and that happened like before a week ago, So anyone can help me. Thanks.
  14. midou35000

    Solved Network and Sharing Center Problem

    Hi Everyone, So i dont know what happened whenever i go here i find this error i tried to renew ip and resetwinsock then restart but it didnt work: Thanks.
  15. midou35000

    Solved Control Panel Problem

    Hi There, Yeah so the problem is when i try to open windows update on control panel it freeze there like this: but when i open control panel and navigate to another sections it works perfectly. I hope you guys can help me.
  16. midou35000

    Solved Services.msc Settings Greyed Out

    Hi, So the problemis that i need to change an option for a service but i cant its all greyed out i cant do anything i tried to run as admin but didnt work, so i'd be thankful if someone helps me.(sorry for bad english i was in hurry) Screen Shots: Thanks.
  17. midou35000

    Solved Accidently Deleted Windows 8.1 Shortcuts

    Hi People, So i have accidently deleted my windows 8.1 shortcuts (shortcuts for :notepad,control panel,paint...and other default windows tools) i was wondering if someone upload his shortcut file on free file sharing website or give me a link for a place where i can download them back. Thanks.
  18. midou35000

    Windows 8.1 stuck At 11% On scanning and Repairing Drive

    Hi, I have tried to run boot time scan and repair then restarted then the scan started then when it reaches 11% the wheel still turning but stuck at 11%. Any Help? Thank you.
  19. midou35000

    Solved 4GB RAM Shows 2.2 Available

    Hi, So the problemis whenever i open TaskManager i check the performance section i see that RAM shows that 2.2 GB available. Does anybody know how to fix that or i am dumb asking dumb questions?
  20. midou35000

    Solved Need Help Registring A Manually Installed Programme

    Hi, I Have Manually Installed this programme (San Andreas) An there is a special programme that mods san andreas and when it starts up it says: I have put the folder in this location:C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\San Andreas So any help to register this programme. Thanks