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    New graphic card makes screen flicker

    So i just chagned from gtx 660 to 980 and its working pretty good, i get alot better fps but there is this flickering i get sometimes on my screen. Like every 1-5 minutes there is a flicker on both my screens but not at the same time, it doesnt matter if im in a game or not. It just randomly...
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    100% disk usage problem. I've tried everything.

    Hey. So as the title says im having disk usage problems for weeks now. It goes from 0 to 100 in a second everytime i open a program, it can be anything from paint to world of warcraft. Everything have become so much slower last month. Anyways when i finally found out that my disk usage was...
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    'New' Computer get error message and turns off

    Before i start telling you about my problem im gonna tell you im the worst at computers, so ANY help is appreciated. So, i got this new computer from a friend. Only thing he removed was his harddrives so when i got the computer i put in my harddrive and first my screen didnt work but after just...
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    Videos lag, Please help.

    Hello. :) (I dont know if this is the right section to post this in, but feel free to move it if its in wrong, and sorry for my english) For like 5 days ago a video i was watching in fullscreen got rly low fps after a while, it lagged so much. So i canceld the fullscreen and it worked, So i put...