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  1. spapakons

    Solved Windows Sidebar won't load (solved)

    Hello! I have an old notebook were I have installed Windows 10 for testing purposes and I couldn't make the Windows Sidebar load. I tried both 8GadgetPackSetup.msi and Desktop Gadgets Installer without success. It loaded for 1-2 seconds and then quitted automatically without even showing...
  2. spapakons

    Media Player Classic black screen after screensaver appear

    Hello! Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find something similar with a quick search at the forum. I have this annoying issue with Media Player Classic Home Cinema version I start playing a video and I can watch it from start to end without any problem. If I pause...
  3. spapakons

    Transfer Windows 8.1 to different controller, same PC

    Hello! Sorry if this has been asked before, but I didn't find something similar. My Windows 8.1 installation started developing some problems including malware. So I decided to reinstall Windows, but in order to make it without a hurry, I used a separate disk. This way I could use the old...
  4. spapakons

    Solved Incompatibility JMicron JMB36X Windows 8.1

    Hello! Background: In August 2012 I upgraded my PC from Pentium 4 to Asus P8H61 M/B, Core-i3 CPU and 8GB DDR3 RAM. The M/B has the new Intel 1155 socket that doesn't natively support IDE devices. I had two old IDE/ATAPI DVD-RW drives that I wanted to keep alongside my new SATA BD-R drive, so I...
  5. spapakons

    Error 39: Cannot install custom bt848 64-bit driver in 8.1

    Hello! I posted this in www.sevenforums.com and they just ignored it because I mentioned Windows 8. So I repeat it here in the hope that I'll have some help. Thank you in advance. Sorry for starting a NEW topic, but after a quick search I couldn't find something similar. I will describe you my...