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  1. Avalon

    Problem with svchost

    So uh... I'm using my computer for many hours... and finally notice that I am using 4GB of RAM... on idle. Everything seems to be running as normal... Any ideas at what this could be? Edit: I tried to create a dump but it was taking too long, so I cancelled it, and noticed that the same...
  2. Avalon

    Azure services coming to Windows 8

    Original Article posted at InformationWeek
  3. Avalon

    Network Adapters - Using Multiple Programs and Network Adapters

    How to Bind Programs to Different Network Adapters in Windows 8 and 8.1 Here's a short write-up on how to stay connected to and use multiple programs on multiple networks at once with Windows 8! Requirements: Two separate network connections (they must be of a separate type), for example a...
  4. Avalon

    Cool use for Chrome App Shortcuts

    I've just started fiddling with Chrome App shortcuts and come up with something like this (it's not as good as the IE version, but still, notice the FB/Twitter/8 Forums tiles): To get this to work you just need to make sure you pin the app to the start menu. :)
  5. Avalon

    Solved Disable Metro IE?

    I was wondering if there was a way to disable the Metro IE without disabling Metro? Is it possible? EDIT: Oh, nevermind. Found the tutorial: http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/2521-internet-explorer-10-metro-use-desktop-view.html However, is there a way to physically remove it completely? I...
  6. Avalon

    Origin games working?

    Has anyone managed the to get the Battlefield 3 beta to work with the developer preview or other Origin games? And if so, did you need to do anything extra to make it work properly? Thanks.
  7. Avalon

    Snipping Tool

    Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble accessing the Snipping Tool from the new Metro Start? I seem to be able to click on it, but then nothing happens... I've resorted to making a desktop shortcut for now, but was wondering if anyone had the issue fixed.