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  1. Marie SWE

    Solved How do I get rid of flashplayer?

    Hi! :) I wonder how to uninstall flash player in windows 8.1 I only use firefox browser and I have "uninstalled" IE11 But how do I get rid of flashplayer?:confused: I've tried this Uninstall Flash Player for Windows But without results Regards M
  2. Marie SWE

    a few security questions. firewall, antivirus software. Background internet traffic

    Hey again.:D I notice that win8.1 has much more background traffic on the network than win7.. So I wonder if any of you know about a good third-party firewall that can block outgoing domain names and IP addresses. It don't need not be a free firewall, even if free tastes good.;) as example...
  3. Marie SWE

    lost among all updates in Win8.1

    Hi all :) I just installed Win8.1 on my laptop to buy me three more years before windows EOL. on sevenforums I have a thread with windows updates to avoid if you do not want updates with telemetry etc. So I wonder what is it for updates in windows 8 that one should avoid if I want maximum...