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  1. Windows Sniper

    Hardware Upgrade

    Hey all, So basically i have just ordered a new CPU/Mobo combo, so i will be moving from my Q6600 Core2/P5G41T-M LX3 to the new i5 3570k/P8Z77-v LX. I hope this is a good setup to get, considering my GPU seems to be slightly bottlenecked and the CPU is only a few years old now. Anyway, as to...
  2. Windows Sniper

    Windows 8 Bug Reporting

    Hey all, Just a quick question to those of you with MSDN/Dreamspark/TechNet Subscriptions. Is there anywhere were we can post our feedback regarding how it works on a general day to day basis and what bugs we have noticed? If there is could you perhaps link it for me or point me towards it...