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  1. Golden

    Solved Change PDF viewer used to view files?

    Hi. Not sure if I'm using the right terminology so please bear with me. If I download a .PDF document and then open it from the browser (Chrome) downloads area, the PDF is opened using the inbuilt W8 PDF viewer in the Metro interface. I would like to change that so I can open it using a...
  2. Golden

    Solved Empty Windows.old folder - OK to delete?

    Hi, I recently installed an OEM Windows 8.1 as a dual-boot with Windows 7 from an installation DVD using this guide: http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/2344-dual-boot-installation-windows-8-windows-7-vista.html Everything is working perfectly, no problems at all. However, I noticed a...
  3. Golden

    Gen Y: The insecure generation?

    Read more at: Gen Y: The insecure generation? | ZDNet
  4. Golden

    A Linux desktop and tablet user and Windows 8

    I've wondered whether Linux might see a resurgence if people aren't happy with Windows 8. This is an interesting perspective from a Linux user. A Linux desktop and tablet user and Windows 8 | ZDNet
  5. Golden

    Windows 8 CP Start Menu App

    I'm just installing this now and will give it a test drive. Download (2MB) requires an email address. Stardock Corporation - Software - Start8 Important caveat from the Read-Me file : Its actually quite a nice little app - highly recommended for those of you, like me, that miss the Start...
  6. Golden

    Virtual Machine Experiment

    I'v been messing with Linux virtual machines lately, and decided to experiment a bit : Windows 7 x64 HOST ---> LinuxMint x64 Virtual machine ---> Windows 8 CP x86 Virtual Machine This is a VMWARE Player + Virtual Box combination. Looks like I have a way to go yet.....:D
  7. Golden

    Solved Windows 8 under VMWare Player : better graphics performance possible?

    Hi, I'm running an updated Windows 8 CDP under VMWare Player. Navigating around 8 is not as snappy as I would have hoped, and the graphics performance is horrible. Is this because I'm running as a virtual machine? Is my only hope of using the full capability of my graphics card to run W8...
  8. Golden

    Classic IE10 instead of Metro IE10

    Hi, Sorry if this has already been asked - I'm trying to catch up with developments and it seems easier asking rather than blundering my way between Metro and Normal mode. For regular browsing I'm using IE10 from the normal Windows desktop. I find that if a program opens IE10, it opens the...
  9. Golden

    Solved Confirm delete option in Windows Explorer?

    Hi, I notice that when I delete a file in Windows Explorer, I don't get a confirmation prompt. Is there a way to turn that back on? I've had a bit of a look around, but I'm really surprised at how cut-down Explorer has become....in fact I might just call it Explorer Lite :p Thanks, Golden
  10. Golden

    Solved Trouble with dual-boot on separate HDD's

    G'day, I've been wanting to create a dual-boot of Windows 7 and Windows 8 as follows: 1. Windows 7 on an SSD 2. Windows 8 on an HDD Currently, my Windows 7 installation resides on my SSD (C). My WD HDD (H) has been formated as a single Primary partition. Using Brink's dual-boot tutorial, I...
  11. Golden

    Show us your Developer METRO UI

    Note the Windows 7 RSS feed at top right....
  12. Golden

    Solved Weather App....change units?

    Has anyone figured out where to change the temperature units from farenheit to celcius in the Weather App? Can't quite seem to fin it.... Regards, Golden
  13. Golden

    Possible Installation/Upgrade Options

    Hello, I realise we don't have much information yet, but I wonder what sort of /installation upgrade options might be available with 8 when it happens? For example: Windows 8 Starter Windows 8 Professional etc. etc. Whats do you think? Golden
  14. Golden

    Windows8 v Windows7

    G'day, Can anyone point me to a laymans description of the primary differences between 7 and 8? 7 has just barely been out there, so why the move to 8? Is there some big breakthrough in multi-threading or soemthing else? How is 8 going to be better over 7 - has MS released anything on that...