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    SkyDrive on Taskbar Removal

    Hi I don't use Sky Drive, and I opted out on installation. Now Sky Drive is on my task bar how do I remove it?
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    Solved Windows 8.1 Crashes Randomly

    Hi my Windows 8.1 Crashes Randomly, without BSOD or Black Sreen, and restarts as normal. See attatchment. Any ideas as to why?
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    Solved Video Subtitles

    Hi. how do I enable subtitles in Windows 8.1 Video player?
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    SSD Missing?

    After a receiving a virus. I had to "Secure Erase" my SSD's, with OCZ Linux Toolbox. Because the mouse wouldn't work in that programme I had to use "Alt - Tab" to manoeuvre about, and I wasn't able to SE them one at a time, or even choose one. Anyhow after SE'ing them I re-installed windows 8...
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    How many Times Do I Have to Say NO to Micro$oft?

    How many times do I have to Say NO to Micro$oft? Everytime I want to play a game, I am asked the same question, (see screenshot) I always say no. Is there a way to stop this "Spam" from Micro$oft?
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    Solved "Post New Thread" Button Missing.

    Hi, is there a reason why the "post new thread" button is missing from the "Windows 8 News" forum?
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    Solved IE10 Mouseover

    Hi Can anyone explain why when I hover my cursor over the IE icon in my taskbar, I see numbers? Thanks!
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    Serial ATA Controller Driver...

    ...not installed. Any idea were I can find one?
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    Solved No Windows Updates

    I haven't had any "Updates" since the 9th of Jan, is this okay? I have received updates for Windows Defender, though.
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    Solved Import Bookmarks to IE10

    Hi How do I import bookmarks to IE10?
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    MS Solitaire Collection Flawed

    Hi MS Solitaire games are flawed as they are unable to "remember" my game options. Any suggestions?
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    Solved Adverts During Gaming

    Hi How many times do I have to watch an advert during a game of Taptiles?
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    Solved 2 SSD's 1 HDD Best Set Up

    What's the best way to instal, on an EVGA Z77 FTW board?
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    Solved 8 Won't Activate

    Hi I recently purchased Windows 8 (12/12/2012), I d/l'ed it and made an ISO and DVD, I installed it onto an SSD and kept my HDD as a back up and storage device. Today my second SSD arrived and I installed it as a RAID 0 with my other SSD, all went well until I started having windows update...
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    When Will Windows 9 be released?

    When Will Windows 9 be released?
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    Game over, but, it doesn't register.

    Hi, Microsoft suite of games ie card games doesn't register when a game is over , so a new one can start. Any help will be appreciated, Thanks