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  1. CountMike

    How to get my account back ?

    My normal account of the admin group got deleted (don't ask how) while I was trying to make it sign in without password and I was left with only primary account. I made a new one but of course now I don't have everything set as before and would have to do everything again to have it as before.
  2. CountMike

    System protection

    Yesterday I, as always before, was going to do monthly Macrium Reflect system backup. As per usual I did all the AV, HW and software checks, made sure windows and SW was up to date, absolutely everything works as good as ever. At the end of those checks I did sfc /scannow but would not go past...
  3. CountMike

    Get ready for Oculus Rift

    Here's the high-end PC you'll need to run the Oculus Rift | The Verge
  4. CountMike

    Bwaaaah, Major Geeks is 404 !

    My favorite SW source has gone off line, can anybody else confirm ?
  5. CountMike

    Solved Network and sharing Center sloooooooooow.

    And I mean SLOOOOW, 5 minutes to open it, another 10 - 15 to start changing connection and maybe another 10 for IPV4 properties to open. After that all goes fine until closing Center which stays there until computer restarted but settings are immediate and permanent. I tend to attribute this to...
  6. CountMike

    Nov. 19. 2014 Updates post update trouble.

    Found few Important and Recommended updates this morning. Installed important ones first and they downloaded and installed all right. Restarted and all was OK. Didn't try another restart while installing optional cumulative update, it restarted and finished OK but since Restart, Shutdown (even...
  7. CountMike

    Can't cleanup backup update files.

    They do not show in Disk cleanup at all and there must be several GB of them. Since everything is working good, without any problems related to updates I figured I should delete some parasitic files from the system. If nothing at least system/disk backup file will be smaller.
  8. CountMike

    Munich, Germany: Linux was disaster, back to Windows

    Read more at: Munich, Germany realizes that deploying Linux was a disaster, going back to Windows - Neowin
  9. CountMike

    The Windows Store is a Cesspool of Scams

    Microsoft’s Windows Store is a mess. It’s full of apps that exist only to scam people and take their money. Why doesn’t Microsoft care that their flagship app store is such a cesspool? It’s now been more than two years since Windows 8 was released, and this has been a problem the entire...
  10. CountMike

    Mouse properties

    Does anybody know of a program to change (expand) mouse properties past the windows own settings. I just bought a new mouse that suits me great but there are no drivers for it so Windows have only normal controls for it. It has 6 buttons and resolution control but can't change settings or remap...
  11. CountMike

    Task Manager > startup progams = Empty

    Just found out that when I go to Startup items from Task manager and msconfig, Startup is not populated at all. All the items set to start are working and visible, just no listing in Startup for any. System scan including Dism comes up clean as a whistle and so is malware detection. Haven't...
  12. CountMike

    PowerColor 6770 1GB anybody have one ?

    I,'m trying to find out if this card PowerColor Official Website - Graphics, Cases, Power Supply -- PowerColor HD6770 1GB GDDR5 V2 can support two VGA only monitors at same time. I know that it has one VGA, one Dual Link DVI-I (with adapter to VGA) and a HDMI ports but unfortunately both of my...
  13. CountMike

    Who is tracking you thru your travels on Internet.

    Ever wander how it happens that you get adds almost tailored to your interests ?. How can they send you mail and address you by your name ?. Well looks like you are of interest to many that you are not interested in, or even don't know about them. Even If looks like it stops at advertising, who...
  14. CountMike

    Solved Getting e-mail From "microsoft account team"

    Last year or so I have received few times e- mail from "Microsoft account team" with "[email protected]" as an address, asking me to confirm my slightly different address (no dot between two words that my real address has). I have ignored it and nothing happened even as they said...
  15. CountMike

    If anyone is having trouble installing Win 8.1

    Take hart, you are not alone. Gates Spends Entire First Day Back in Office Trying to Install Windows 8.1 : The New Yorker