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    How to load more programs in WIN+X menu?

    How to load more programs into this menu? Or how to edit this menu using registry or any other way ? This is what i want so to add more programs to this menu for unattended installation. I do not need other programs i just one to add more items to this place how ? i tried to add programs...
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    Ok what's now ?

    Ok guys i have finished my windows 8 to create iso unattended with many registry tweaks but the problem i can't test it. I have installed useful things also added safe registry tweaks,wallpapers,addons and theme,changed menu to new and disabled metro. I tried many virual install programs but...
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    Windows 8 can't delete files and folders at once

    Hi,all Ok maybe and it is not a terrible bug but when i try to delete any files from folders the files delete. But when click on referesh from desktop context menu the files i have deleted show up again when i try to delete them again the files delete again and after 3 or 5 min the files are...
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    Is it possible to reduce windows 8 installion files size safetly ?

    Is it possible to reduce windows 8 installion size and fix problems ? hi,all I want to know if it is possible to reduce windows files size. If so, can someone already know that ? I just hurried up to spend some times with windows 8 installation files and found what files are the main in...
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    Solved how to enable small icons in taskbar menu using registry tweak ?

    Hi all. I have a simple question how to reduce the taskbar menu icons using regedit For now they are big to me. Of course I know how to reduce the taskbar menu icons but I want to reduce them using registry. Is there any trick to do this? Maybe someone you know and you can help? here is...