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    Solved Update fix tutorial needed

    Hi I have had to do an automated recover install from the recovery drive on my Laptop because the install got corrupted and was very slow. I have now done three recovery installs and after each one Windows update runs for ever but goes nowhere, I have done a 24hr and a 28hr test with no...
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    Defender will not start

    Hi I bought a PC with 8.1, it has not been updated. It came with McAfee installed. which I uninstalled and ran the McAfee uninstall tool, This was done while not connected to the internet. Then I went to control panel and tried to start Defender but I got a message that defender had bee n...
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    Confusion with "User" when trying to change Logon

    Hi I run W8.1 Fully updated, I am trying to stop the Logon Screen, no one else uses this PC. but when I run netplwiz.exe I get five users, which one is MY logon name alone??, I cannot post the username as the would identify me. Cheers Daniel
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    Multiple instance of programs opening

    Hi On a W8.1 fully updated PC we have a problem where IE, XL, and Word are opening several instance of the program when the shortcut icon or all programs link is used. The programs starts okay then after a few seconds the multiple instance start and continue to open until Task Manager is us4d...
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    WLM. How to delete unwanted calendar entries

    Hi I use the Calendar that comes with Windows Live Mail. I have entries going back to the start of WLM (many years) and would like to delete them all at once so long as they are not valid any more, that is if they have no current recurring reminders? I know how to delete the entries one by...
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    How to Share files or Network a W8.1 PC to a W7 Laptop

    Hi I have a W8.1 PC connected to a Wireless modem by Ethernet cable, and a W7 Laptop connected by wireless to the same modem. I have a lot of stuff on my Laptop that I want to transfer (sometimes up to 200GB) to my PC, until now I have copied the data to a USB, 30GB at a time then copied it...
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    MS does not send security code to phone

    Hi I have a new PC and am trying to use my Hotmail account to log on, MS asked for the last four digits to the mobile phone I used for security, I have entered the last four digits but have not received the text message with the security code. I have gone through the process twice, to no...
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    How to make a folder writable

    Hi I have W8.1 fully updated, I need a folder and the files in it to be writeable, when I go to folder/properties the attributes/Read Only have a square dot in the box, when I take the dot out and apply, a short file is run then I close the folder and go to folder/properties again and the...
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    When can I install W8.1 update

    Hi I have just installed Windows 8 (not 8.1) do I have do run all the Windows updates before I install Windows 8.1 update? Thanks Daniel
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    Manual update and install for Windows Updates files

    Hi I am tired of having to repair Windows updates then get to install one or two then have to go through the whole process again. Is there a site where updates can be downloaded according to their KB numbers then installed manually? Thanks Daniel
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    WLM Error, The Massage cold not be sent

    Hi on a W 8.1 fully updated Laptop using Windows Live Mail I cannot send emails, I get a message "The message could not be sent. A problem has occurred. Please try again" I have attached a pic. I have done a Repair but that did not help. Thanks Daniel
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    IE11. Cannot save as MHT files

    Hi On my W8.1 fully updated PC, until recently I have been able to save web pages as a single file (MHT) for later reference. In the past couple of days there is no MHT option, only HTML and TXT. Obviously some setting has been changed or corrupted and I would appreciate some help on fixing...
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    .exe files downloaded as _exe

    Hi On a new Asus Laptop with W8.1 x64, fully updated, all downloads of executable files are suffixed _exe instead of .exe (underscore exe instead of dot exe). Renaming them to .exe fixes the issue but that does not fix the problem. I have seen that there are a number of posts regarding this...
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    Solved How to import mail exported from WLM on a a W7 PC

    Hi I cannot find a tutorial on how to import mail messages to my new Laptop with W8.1 and Windows Live Mail, could someone please post a link. I have used Export/Email messages and have those Folders/files but how to I get these to my new WLM on W8.1. Thanks Daniel
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    Where is the contacts folder

    Hi I have Windows Live Mail on a W8.1x64 updated PC, and want to copy the Contacts folder. Can anyone tell me where it is located? Thanks Daniel
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    Using a copy of Mail files

    Hi my old W7 laptop failed and would not start Windows, start-up repair did not work. Using Casper 8 boot disk I managed to get a copy of the Users folder which includes the Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Contacts folder. I now have a new Laptop and want to use WLM, is there a way to use...
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    Create a bootable Install disk

    Hi I just bought a Laptop with W8.1 it does not come with an install disk and the supplier flat-out refused to provide one, pointing me to the recovery partition saying that was all I needed. The recovery program just reinstalls, losing data and does not have Windows trouble shooting options...
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    Solved Cannot turn off Taskbar Animations

    Hi I have followed both methods here http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/39768-taskbar-animations-turn-off-windows-8-a.html But the pesky Taskbar Animations still show. What is happening? Thanks Daniel
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    Cannot enter BIOS Asus PC

    Hi I have a CM6730 Asus PC with a P8H61-M PRO/CM6630 motherboard. I was having problems getting good Graphics performance and the topic of Integrated vs discrete GPU came up, the options in the BIOS were set to use iGPU, since then I do not get the option on boot to enter the BIOS. I have...
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    Why is Searchindexer running

    Hi My W8.1 PC is fully updated. I do not have any Hard Drives or Partitions set to be searched in the Drive Properties dialogue box, so why is Searchindexer running all the time and using RAM? Cheers Daniel