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  1. kenshen

    Will Windows 8.1 allow users to boot to desktop?

    Will Windows 8.1 allow users to boot to desktop? - Neowin
  2. kenshen

    Ipod touch

    Hey guys i'm trying to get windows 8 to see my iPod touch i have tried to everything I've tried stopping and resetting the service the only way I've figured out to make iTunes see the iPod is to do a restore but when i try that i get a 1611 error any one help?
  3. kenshen

    Testers get beta of windows 8

    Windows 8 Beta Delivered to Testers, Screenshots Leak - Softpedia
  4. kenshen

    Windows 8 to sport pc settings and not control panel

    Windows 8 to Sport 'PC Settings', Not 'Control Panel' - Softpedia
  5. kenshen

    Warning don't use windows 8 its to good

    Warning, Don?t Use Windows 8 - Softpedia
  6. kenshen

    Screen shots of new ui

    Windows 8 Ribbon UI screenshots uncovered!!! | Windows 8 Center
  7. kenshen

    win 8 new metro ui

    Windows 8 New Metro UI and Installation Process in Leaked Screenshots - Softpedia
  8. kenshen

    Its almost leaked

    Microsoft begins shipping Windows 8 Build 7971 via Connect | Windows 8 Center
  9. kenshen

    Possible leak :D

    Windows 8 Leak Coming Up, Promises Source - Softpedia
  10. kenshen

    Microsoft says forget windows 8 and 9 they're going to the cloud

    Windows and Office continue to be Microsoft’s main cash cows, with a range of additional offerings also qualifying for positions of top earners. There are a range of company divisions pulling in over $1 billion in revenue each year, including Xbox, SQL Server, System Center, Unified...