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    BSOD due to ntoskrnl.exe (it's back again)

    I received help from you guys back in October 2016 (https://www.eightforums.com/bsod-crashes-debugging/76113-bsod-occurs-randomly-due-ntoskrnl-exe.html) and I had a wonderful quiet 7 months, but it seems like the issue resurfaced again. Not really sure who the culprit is this time. Any help...
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    BSOD occurs randomly due to "ntoskrnl.exe"

    Hi all, For the past few months my Alienware X51 R2 has been randomly crashing. I factory restored it and it worked for awhile until the random crashing/freezing started again. I downloaded BlueScreenView and it seems that "ntoskrnl.exe" is the culprit. I'm not sure how to parse the additional...