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  1. aar407

    Windows 8.1 Can't Connect to Internet Please help quickly

    Hi. I've just upgraded to Windows 8.1 but I found a problem and I cant find a solution on the internet I cannot connect nearly all of the desktop apps to the internet Some apps work like Internet Explorer and Skype but the rest fail to connect - even chrome wont connect I've played around with...
  2. aar407

    Help! 1) Windows+PrintScreen Doesnt Work 2) In text

    Hi, 1) After I refreshed my pc after getting a virus, I cannot use the :winkey:+PrintScreen command anymore. When I press those two buttons, the screen doesn't dim for 2 seconds and goes back to normal, it stays normal and a png file doesn't appear in the Pictures\Screenshots 2) For future...
  3. aar407

    Solved Help with WIndows Essentials 2012

    Hi, I try installing Windows Essentials and it wont install! This came up for 1 hour I got bored and cancelled the process and now the windows all user install service agent wont work, I cant log onto and internet connection won't come to my apps I have install. Do I have to refresh my...
  4. aar407

    Help with Skydrive

    Hi, I was wondering how to map skydrive as a network drive in windows 8. I looked on the internet and found results for windows 7 - I don't know if these will work in windows 8. Please help! Al
  5. aar407

    Solved Help with lock screen

    Hi, when I lock my computer in windows 8, it goes straight to selecting the username. I've tried to make it go to the lock screen by following the tutorial on this site. I could only use the registry method because I have windows 8 home and gpedit only works on pro and higher. I tried it but...
  6. aar407

    Help with boot logo

    Hi, I bought a machine with windows 8 installed on it from hp. After putting in my details, I noticed that the boot logo shows the hp logo I've looked at youtube videos on windows 8 booting and they show the windows 8 logo. Is there a way to change it back to the windows 8 logo or am I...
  7. aar407

    Solved Help With Logon Screen

    Is there a way to type in the username and password into the logon screen to log on to the computer. I've searched through the tutorials and couldn't find one. Is it possible to do this? Do I need an application or do I need to edit my registry? Please Help Al :confused::confused: