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    Error 0X80070570

    Couldn't find a specific forum for this so here goes... I am simply copying/cutting/pasting files/folders to a 4TB External Drive and I get about 35% done and the error pops up. Guess I'll start copying/pasting individually until the error comes up again or someone can help out. thanks ahead of...
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    PC slowed down considerably esp. in regular boot mode; safe mode is much better but still slowed a bit

    seems to me that you have a lot of programs, etc. that are dragging you down.....how much RAM do you have? I would definitely do another Disk Cleanup and don't close it out....and get rid of a lot of 'stuff' from there...get Glary Tools and Speed Disk and Defrag. If you aren't running at least...
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    win 8.1 File History Backup?

    Folks, here's the long and well, not real short of it.... I have folders labelled “all my downloads, my videos, my pictures, pdf folders of different titles and hundreds of Word doc’s, a few, Excel files, and different Icons for starting different programs”…with that being said, would I be...
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    potpourri of retail, backup of download

    First, if I download an app from an online store , e.g., MS Office Pro 2016, can that program be backed up or copied to disc or thumb drive prior to doing an install, cause if I install, I can't back it up right? Second, if you can't back it up from the download, can I download to desktop and...
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    what to do with this file?

    I downloaded a file (Win8.1_ENG_ x64) from MicroSoft that I thought was a repair file for Win8.1 but I really don't know what it is, how to use it, or if I use it, will it automatically delete all data/s from my desktop or not and present me with a repaired OS of 8.1 with a clean start and no...
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    External HD+SDD not being recognized

    Autoplay is not working in Win8.1 desktop....when I connect either of my external HD's to my desktop and I go to my PC to see all that is working/connected, everything BUT my externals are showing up. The usb port works as I have reversed my mouse and all is ok...anyone seen this? any...
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    Are Free copies available?

    Thanks for the info TM. I don't want to install 8.1, I just want to have a copy as backup by its self...which leads me into Product Key querie...when I go into my settings for Prod. ID it provides me with a 20digit number (5dig. increments) , but I was looking at a Word document I had for Prod...
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    Are Free copies available?

    hp envy 10Gb ram/8.1 OS a couple of years ago I bought a desktop with Win 8.0 and then later with the update went to Win8.1...problem is, this was a factory load and I had no hard copy (disk) and I’d like to get a copy of Windows 8.1...OR, should I be looking for Win 8.0 OR, is the...
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    System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8

    Brink, you say with a Warning: Windows 8.1 no longer supports being able to create a system repair disc CD/DVD using the method in this tutorial. I created a Win 8 64 bit Repair Disc two years ago on a DVD when I first go Win8. I have yet to have a need to use it, thankfully, but it should work...
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    How to scan a file or folder?

    when I down load a file or folder, and before I open it, I always scan it with a Malware program by right clicking on the file/folder....Problem is that I have Windows Defender that is not available to me to use to scan for virus' or malware. How do I make it a right click option? I want...
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    How do I "DISABLE" the popup "Common Software Manager"?

    This just started about a month or so ago... I'm sure this little pop up came attached to some program I downloaded, but it's not a large enough program to even show up when you try to use Install/Remove or Revo uninstaller programs. I would think that most programs will send out software...
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    Password lock, etc.

    -1- I have the display to turn off after 10 minutes of none use under Power Options, but if I don’t do anything for a few seconds, the display turns off and I have to sign back in…where do I correct this? do I have to reset to default the Power Options, and if so, what are they? -2- In...
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    Office upgrade problem

    I have Win 8.1 OS and have been using MS Office 2003 for the last 18 months 'but,' little quirks are popping up. So I am upgrading to Office 2010... here's my dilemma/question: Can I just install it without doing anything else, or should I uninstall vs. 2003, should I back-up Outlook or...
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    IE vs 11 Task Manager?

    what part don't you understand? the part where task manager won't open a program or task manager keeps popping up when I try to open the program on my desktop without IE being open??????
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    IE vs 11 Task Manager?

    I have been looking for a positive answer to my question: "How do you disable/remove the Down Load Task Managerbox that keeps popping up when I try to open a downloaded file?" I wanted to check out a different browser...I downloaded it andchecked it for virus' and malware and tried to open...
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    Disobedient Control Panel

    Sorry 'bout that my2cents... you're right, I was looking for vertical aspect of the icons in control panel... I'll check with Classic Shell as I have it installed so that I could use Win8. thanks again!
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    Disobedient Control Panel

    I went thru the Win8 Tutor....and forum list and my problem wasn't listed of course... Is there any way to Sort the Icons in alphabetical order in the Control Panel??? Thanks ahead of time for any help!