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  1. MisterMike

    Dual boot / Virtual HDD

    Hi There, I recently had the motherboard go bad in my old XP pro service pack 2 HP Media Center m390n PC. I replaced it with a new HP P2-1234 Windows 8 64 bit computer. I bought a SATA USB enclosure and put my old C drive in it to get my files and stuff and old drive works fine. So now to my...
  2. MisterMike

    Solved Odd behavior using Mozilla Firefox 20

    Hi there, I am using Firefox 20 and lately when I open a new window it will switch back to the previous window in about a second or so. The new window appears in the task bar and when clicked will stay selected. Seems odd to me. Any ideas?
  3. MisterMike

    Windows Live Mail sent mail confirmation ?

    Hey y'all, Anyone know of a way to get a confirmation notice for sent mail in Windows Live Mail?
  4. MisterMike

    Solved SysMetrix problem

    I have SysMetrix 3.45 installed on Windows 8 64 bit and it was working perfectly until about a week ago. Now it will not show TCP activity which it was doing before. I have tried reinstalling and all the settings I could think of but still will not show TCP stats. Any ideas?