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  1. Daxter

    Windows 10 Icon Hasn't Shown Up?

    I have the required KB installed, it shows that GWX is in the Windows File, but if I try to run it, It does nothing? Does anyone have a fix? (I have already tried the "ReserveWin10" cmd file)
  2. Daxter

    Is there a way to pin the search app?

    I use it all the time and I can't figure out how to pin it...
  3. Daxter

    Is there a software that keys you have multiple desktops ?

    Like how it looks like in W10. It looks amazing!
  4. Daxter

    Why do people think the Charms Bar is annoying??

    Am i the only one who thinks it's one of the most useful features? :huh:
  5. Daxter

    No windows logon sound?

    Can somebody tell me how to enable this? on 8.1
  6. Daxter

    Metro IE Vs. Desktop IE

    which do you think is better? which is more productive? please tell me.
  7. Daxter

    How do i disable mouse gestures?

    They are so freaking irritating!! Please tell me! I use a ELAN Mousepad.
  8. Daxter

    [Customization] A Guide To Making Firefox Yours.

    Ive been with Firefox for ever and want to share! Also, If you like please add reputation to me :) */ Introduction /* This is a guide to Firefox customizing. I'd enjoy it if users who don't use Firefox, Didn't post about there browser or how they prefer (exp: Oprea) more than Firefox. My...
  9. Daxter

    [Did You Know] MS Outlook 2010 uses Bill Gates Mugshot????

    Look at this, i kinda find this funny MS Outlook 2010 uses Bill Gates's mugshot for the default contact thumbnail
  10. Daxter

    Making my first app. Please give me all the tutorials!!!!!

    As The title says, I'm going to make my first app for windows 8. I would love to have as much information about making windows 8 as possible, Hence My Signature So please, Post as many tutorials as you can for me!! My First app is going to be a reader, For EIGHT FORUMS!! :party: (No this won't...
  11. Daxter

    What theme are you using??

    Im using the metro theme for this site :) If anybody knows how to switch to the blue that's awesome!
  12. Daxter

    Best windows phone apps

    Ate there any you'd recommend??
  13. Daxter

    Windows 8 'mail app' Issue

    I have a issue where I can't use the charms bar (to go to apps settings) and I can't drag from title bar (to kill app). Help? :confused:
  14. Daxter

    Solved Should i switch browsers?

    In April I started using Firefox as my main browser, I still do & I became a volunteer contributor (Helps people with problems, No Pay) (I'm in my late teens so ;P ). I switched to Windows 8.1 and love the look of it, and loved Firefox's metro look (And of course they removed it, because they...
  15. Daxter

    App or software to lock apps?

    Are there any that will let me lock apps to where i have to put in a password to use it???
  16. Daxter

    Solved Can't see my own avatar?

    I'm curious, are we spouse to see are own avatar because i would like to but i cant :(
  17. Daxter

    Installed WindowFX, Cant log in

    i installed WindowFX thinking it would animate my windows, but it signed me out, and each time i try to log in screen go black and takes me go the lock screen. Please Help!!!!!!!:cry::cry:
  18. Daxter

    Windows Store apps you'd recommend?

    Im looking for new apps! Are there any you'd recommend?
  19. Daxter

    Voice Assistant For Windows 8.1?

    If you have found any/know any, tell me please ;)
  20. Daxter

    Solved New Member !! Need Help!

    Hello! I'm a new member! And i have tons of questions! 1. How do i change my profile picture? 2. How do i make friends on here? (Like helping people?) 3. Who is the creator of the website?