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  1. AllanP

    Solved Returning to 8.1

    Well after having W10 on my aging Dell Studio 1747 circa 2010 and experiencing B.S.O.D's at inappropriate times, I've decided to return to 8.1. Now Microsoft and their W10 push is my concern. If an older machine isn't W10 compatible it shouldn't be forced on to one. So after loading 8.1 I want...
  2. AllanP

    Taskbar won't hide

    My task bar is set to hide, but won't. I think I've figured out what causes it, but not how to fix. It's been going on for some time and usually rebooting gave a temporary solution. I could never figure out what caused it ; it would just all of a sudden not hide. Well I just did a scan using my...
  3. AllanP

    Tired video card???

    My Nvidia GEForce GT220 video card is getting a little long in the tooth and I'm wondering if that could be the cause of recently occurring choppy video. I'm not talking about the likes of Youtube videos. Actually it's on a self improvement site Lumosity; where there are graphical challenges and...
  4. AllanP

    Solved Weird sounds

    Sorry I goofed and posted this on Windows 8 news Recently on my Dell Studio 1747 laptop I've been getting what seems like radio station audio coming through at random times. Some times it's just a split second blurb. Other time it goes on for about thirty seconds. It's never the same. Last time...
  5. AllanP

    Install Windows 8 on SSD

    My post is in regards to my friends computer who I help out with computer problems. We tried unsuccessfully to clone a 250GB drive with Windows 8.1 to a 120GB SSD drive. So we left the existing 250 drive hooked up so the W8 install would see it there on installation of W8 Pro upgrade to the SSD...
  6. AllanP

    Solved Upgrade not accepted

    Trying to get a friends W8 installed. After having 8 installed since release and now having intrusion ware problems he decided to re-install. It's a long story but we wound up with a formatted disk then installing 8. All went OK except he didn't get logged on to Microsoft (password problem). We...
  7. AllanP

    Google Chrome & adware

    On my Chrome browser I have Adblock Plus and Do Not Track Plus running. In Windows 8 I have Super Anti Spyware Pro running. My question is this: Every morning Super Anti Spyware does it's thing and every morning there are at least a hundred adware removals. Why is that? I don't go to weird sites...
  8. AllanP

    Solved Allow other user to check email.

    This isn't for me as I am the only user, but a friend of mine with Windows 8 is the principal user; however maybe once or twice a week his wife wants to check her Hotmail. Of course with Microsoft taking over Hotmail and linking all to the user; it always defaults to the user's email. I...
  9. AllanP

    Solved Tomboy notes

    Just wondering if anyone has installed Tomboy Notes on Windows 8. I had it on 7 without a hitch. To get it working I have to install Gtk# and am a little hesitant. Took the plunge and installed Gtk and Tomboy; so far no hitches.