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  1. znod

    Lost my windows 8 pro install CD!!!

    By "stand alone," are you referring to Win8 system-builder software or Win8 full-install retail software (or something else)?
  2. znod

    Lost my windows 8 pro install CD!!!

    The only MS check occurs when using the procedures described here: Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant - Download and Run. Regardless, in some cases, especially when reinstalling Win8, activation requires use of the refresh procedure described here: Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade.
  3. znod

    Lost my windows 8 pro install CD!!!

    There are no retail full install versions of Win8 except for system builder software (or those obtained via Technet or MSDN--which are not retail versions). However, upgrade versions definitely do clean (i.e., in effect full) installs (and reinstalls), and I think that they are designed to do...
  4. znod

    Lost my windows 8 pro install CD!!!

    But, his retail software also should be an upgrade, unless he bought system builder software--which I don't think he did. Still, you may be right in the sense that an upgrade product key from a brick and mortar store (or related online store) can't be used for what he is trying to do. The...
  5. znod

    Lost my windows 8 pro install CD!!!

    @JacobG You are very welcome. Is your computer an OEM preinstalled Win8? Doesn't sound like it from what your wrote originally. Anyway, an embedded key from such a machine would not work. Otherwise, there is a problem with your key.
  6. znod

    Lost my windows 8 pro install CD!!!

    Welcome: Go here: Windows 8 Upgrade ISO - Download or Create. Then, use: Clean Install - Windows 8. Afterwards, you may need to use the refresh procedure described here to activate: Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade.
  7. znod

    Solved W8 64bit OEM install but need setup files!

    For general info related to the issue you raise, see this thread ignoing the computer-specific discussion: Windows 8 "Standard Edition"?. I emphasize that, as you have found, your embedded product key will not work in getting what you want.
  8. znod

    Upgrade to Win 8 Pro 64 from Win 7 Home Premium 64

    I would not do an upgrade installation. Often they do not fare well. I would use: Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade and Clean Install - Windows 8. Question answers: No and no. Why not run the Win 8 Upgrade Assistant; it provide useful info: Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant - Download and Run.
  9. znod

    installation problem

    You could try the refresh procedure mentioned here: Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade. Or, you should be able to use: Windows 8 Upgrade ISO - Download or Create.
  10. znod

    Windows 8 "Blue"

    Clean install.
  11. znod

    Solved Need an .iso to do a clean reinstall

    FYI, see this thread. Some of what is covered will not be pertinent to you at this point, and ignore the later part of the thread where personal computer issues are discussed (but do see post #16). Why not backup your data off computer (mentioned above)? Then, restore to factory fresh. Of...
  12. znod

    Solved Windows license question

    If you buy Win8 retail upgrade software, then you are supposed to upgrade some "qualifying" software and to forego future use of that software. Did you happen to run the Win8 upgrade assistant to see if your OEM (system builder) Win7 would qualify for upgrade? But, regardless, see this tutorial...
  13. znod

    Solved Windows license question

    You could go back to Win7 and forfeit Win8. :p Although, technically I am not sure that is allowed.
  14. znod

    Solved Windows license question

    There is no full version of Win8 unless you buy the system builder software (or "belong to" Technet or MSDN--OS software is available for evaluation/testing only). Whether you did a clean install or not, you upgraded to Win7 one way or the other, and you forfeited your right to use your Win7...
  15. znod

    Windows 8 on older PC...need to boot into Safe Mode

    Start to the install DVD; see if you can see system restore points. Try system restore to before you installed the new driver if you can.
  16. znod

    Most Reliable Windows PC

    It is, and note that Dell was applauded for not having so much crapware. It also is a lesson for the PC makers in the sense that they need to provide means, on preinstalled machines, for purchasers to do clean crapware-free reinstalls.
  17. znod

    Most Reliable Windows PC

    Installing Win8 on a Mac is doable, apparently with good results, but probably better to wait for the pertinent iteration of Boot Camp. I have no message. I don't know anything about Soluto. Just think the article is interesting for various reasons. See sig for my connection to Windows7/Win8 and...
  18. znod

    Windows 8 "Standard Edition"?

    I am betting you did not see the edit to my last post. I said: "There is an online note about the card reader on the computer [6430u] not being compatible with Windows 8. Know anything about that?" I still am thinking about whether Blue will be worth my while and for the Win8 fire sale. I still...
  19. znod

    Clean install of Windows 8 on HP dv6t-6100 CTO (LM720AV)

    HP Pavilion dv6500t Laptop here--see specs. Had no significant issues. Run the upgrade assistant; it will you insights about what, on your computer, might be a problem.